Monday, May 31, 2010

I didn't fall off the face of the earth...

Supplies Used:
Digi Stamps: Banner, Cake (Sweet Tooth From WhimsyHaven)
Background Stickerz on Banner ( EAD DESIGNS)
Paper, cork, felt, buttons (With a Cherry On Top Kit)
Raffia, letter stickers (Birds of a Feather Kit)
both available on your right

I just moved...

and unpacking and getting re-organized took a tiny bit longer than I thought.

Couple that with wanting to enjoy some of the holiday weekend in our new home and I got kind of sucked out of blogland for a week.



I can't tell you how happy we are in our new place,

It's so


laid back, small town, friendly people

yesterday I fell asleep on our back porch


is still $29 with Free Shipping

and there are still a few WITH A CHERRY ON TOP as well


so if you get your kit today you might still have time to play along, but you can join us using any of the kits!

I'm aiming for June 12th to release the next kit,

I'll know more about how possible that is in the next day or two. I'm still waiting on one more delivery.

Here are some pictures of what we've been up to the last few days..

The S.S. Minnow sets sail on it's first crabbing expedition...

All the Chesapeake Crabs remain intact...

View of our house from the water...we were on a pedal boat
ours is the one in the middle.
Our first game of Fris-beer
don't worry, our kids don't drink

View from inside, family room and kitchen
View of study/office/craft room to the right of this is a screened in porch

where I've been enjoying my morning coffee...
I think I could stay right here forever.
Thanks for stopping by!


~amy~ said...

welcome back amy :)

love your card for today and thanks for sharing pics of your new is really fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Cute Card.
Love the pictures
I didn't know you had a Boston 2:)

Piali said...

Congrats!! Love your new place..and the craft room is awesome!!
welcome back!!

StampinCathy said...

Welcome Back! WOW your house is awesome and just love your craft area too. Looks like the boys will have a great time at the new place. Thanks for sharing and your card is beautiful.

Jenny said...

Oh how I miss the Chesapeake bay!!!! I was born and raised in Alexandria, VA. Used to go there all the time. Oh I miss home. Looks like a lovely home you have!! Love the card too :) :)

margie c said...

Yea! We've missed you! So happy you're back!
What a gorgeous home and neighborhood! How I would love to live there too! Looks so peaceful :) Beautiful crafty room!
Good luck with the new place! Happy blessings :)
hugs, margie

Kelly said...

Loving the new house. It looks so relaxing and peaceful there!

Christi Snow said...

AMY!!! I have missed you and was going to email you this morning to see how it was going, but with the move...well, you know how crazy it is! Your home looks beautiful and serene and just absolutely perfect for all of you. I am so happy for you and SO HAPPY to see you back on line. Yippee!!!

Gorgeous card too! I plan on playing with my kit today sometime, but I think I am actually going to get my whole room packed up today (minus the HUGE amount of stuff that I am carrying with us...i.e. ALL of my stamps and Caffinated Cropper kits! hehe!) so we will see if it actually happens today or not. I have BIG plans happening in my head! LOL! smiles...

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said... looks like you are all moved in and have been there forever! You even have stuff hanging on the walls! I am very impressed! I am so glad it went well and that you are enjoying your new place!



Stephanie Zito said...

Welcome back Amy!!! Wow your new place is amazing and gorgeous! A perfect sanctuary! Your card is adorable!! I love the banner and how you used the raffia and cork! I've played a bit with my Birds of a Feather kit! Stop by my blog when you have a minute! Have a wonderful day!

Glade Shari & Co. said...

Holy Smokes! You are an amazingly fast mover. I'm just in awe! You have already decorated and everything. It looks like a beautiful place! Glad you're back to blogging cuz I love your posts!
Congrats on the new home!
Oh, how does one play frizz beer?

Raechelle said...

I think I would sit outside all day and enjoy the view! It's a wonderful place! :)

Lindsay Spencer said...

It looks so cozy and wonderful! I hope you're enjoying yourself and finally relaxing a little.

FibreJunky said...

What a lovely home!!! Can't wait to come down or meet you halfway or something...I know. Some day we'll get it together.

Offer is still open to help pack kits. And yes, I want one! (pretend I'm ordering now, okay??)

Jana said...

The new place looks wonderful. So full of light and right on the water. Congrats. More so because the move is over.
Your card is really cute. I love that banner.