Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Crap...

100 Stickers, The Seriously Very Stupid Ones, SALE

Last week, I hit one for the
and completely dented in the passenger side door of the truck
because Starbuck's hid one in a giant bush
in their drive-thru
obviously I can't be expected to navigate a drive thru if
I haven't had coffee yet

Our dogs are shameless whores...

Flashing their girl parts with no regard for
anyone's sensitivity to dog porn


L.B. said...

The perfect way to start my crafting Sunday is with a great laugh and smaile! Thanks. Those need

angie ashuk said...

OMG, so funny!!! Great sense of humor!! I call my dog a shameless whore too, cuz she's always laying like that when people come over lol! Thanks for the laugh!!