Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It still needs some tweaking...

But what do you think of my new banner...?

It only took me 2 this post probably won't be very long...of course I say that a lot but then end up who knows?
I have made a discovery recently of embarassingly huge you know that saying about how you never see what is right in front of you until it pretty much smacks you in the face...?
Well this is true of my next door neighbor...and boy are you guys all going to be jealous of the kitschy craftiness that lives next door to me...(and if you've been here stopping by for a while..yes this is Pat of the same family who recently had a house fire...but don't worry, the craft room stayed in tact...and no one was hurt)...Before I knew she was an artist, she was still really cool...she's one of those neighbors that always thinks about the kids leaving little presents for them on the holidays, stopping to say hi and stuff...anyway...
Meet Pat...aka The Wreath Witch
and let me tell you she is soooo much more than a Wreath Girl...she is a mean decoupagin' collagin' mama...check this stuff out..

She finds these old fashioned suitcases etc and magazines ...and then puts them together to create these really awesome funtional works of can you not just love that...and this

oh my gosh do you not just wish she was your neighbor...sorry too bad you can't have her she's mine...but wait there's more..
Everything she makes is from stuff she has found at thrift stores, garage sales, and the like...this woman is an expert treasure hunter... I would never think to make ice skates into a door this
are you amazed yet? oh and just one more, I love what she does with children's book illustrations...

ok I regress...I knew she made wreaths and I always thought they were fun and interesting..but I had NO IDEA of the ARTIST MAGNITUDE living NEXT BLOODY DOOR to me....
wanna know the best part...she invited me over to play sometime...I can't wait..she's going to teach me...she probably has no idea of the monster she will most likely unleash by being so sweet...and if you think she's cool...just wait until you meet her daughter....but sorry you'll have to wait until tomorrow....(got to have some reason to bring you back don't I?)
So please go visit Miss Pat at her Blog
could you let her know where you found her please...and keep me in art class bliss
here is her flickr'll be stuck there forever I promise
AND she even has an ETSY store...ohholycow wait till you see the shoes...she DECOUPAGED shoes...
Ok so...GO...go look I know you want to
1. having the coolest neighbor ever...she was cool before I knew she was an artist..but now she gets Mega cool points!!
2. She also has a really cool daughter who you're going to love too
3. Kids had another flippin snow day today...God gave me the strength to survive
4. I figured out the whole banner thing...even if it's not quite "right" yet
5.Rob's work people LOVED the centerpieces...!!
Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great night!!!


Lisa said...

I want to go to her class! She is a genius, I love the luggage.

Amy said...

wow. that is some cute, crafty stuff! you women amaze me. i like your new banner. man, i have to do something fun on my blog.

have a great night. take care!

Lesli said...

Wow - great job!

Dianna said...

I want that 2nd suitcase....L*O*V*E it!

All my neighbor does is b*tch about how our tree is growing into her fence.....grrrrrr

I like your banner....I liked the old one too...I need to know how*!*
Mine makes me snore......zzzzzz

Lester R.N. said...

Okay now I am happy you are in love with your neighbor but how but some love for me your friend Leslie who tipped you off about her cool new artistic abilities and yes when go over to play please bring a friend named leslie!!!! I am about to call you!!

Maria said...

Yes, I really do love the banner. It tells a lot about you. That's great that you have a neighbor like that. I wish I did!

OHmommy said...

Love it!

Stop being so crafty. You are making me feel so bad. LOL.

You amaze me!

Jana said...

I loved your old banner. But this one is really great. I love that you used your new toy to write and draw on there.
Your neighbor is great. I checked out her stuff. WOW.
I hope you get to hang out with her and learn all of her secrets.

Jana said...
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Kellan said...

I love the header - very cute with all the coffee drinking - cute!!

I love the old luggage - and I love the wreath with the ice skates - great idea!

Have a good Wednesday Amy, see you later. Kellan

Kylie in Warsaw said...

I love the luggage! You would never not know which bag was yours on the carousel, LOL! Of course they are FAR too pretty to turn over to the airlines.

I can't see your banner, maybe you're tweaking it right now?

RobinDiane said...

Oh wow..she is a crafty lady. Love the suitcases.

The new banner is awesome.

Yes, I have the stomach bug. I was feeling a little better so I thought I would check out the net for a few minutes.

Judy said...

The banner is great! I am going to have to learn how to do that.

The stuff your neighbor does is awesome. I am going to visit her blog.

Kitty said...

Gosh, craftiness abounds in your part of the world!

I love your new header. x

the wreath witch said...

Thank you Amy (blushing)I make things I love, it's funny I picture things in my mind and try to recreate it. So far so good. I love your banner too. perhaps you can help me with mine. Oh and I'm having some coffee right now. (as she lifts the steaming cup of goodness to her lips)I'm working on another rock and roll case. and I am putting finishing touches on 2 vintage lampshades. see ya soon ..Pat

Nicole said...

Amy, love the new banner... I think it totally goes with the title. Great job.

Zoe said...

sorry about the snow day! i like the banner. i wish i could figure mine out!

Carolyn said...

The banner is fabulous!!! You have it all spiffy looking, I must work on mine someday soon. It needs an overhaul, but I've been too lazy to work on it. Oh the truth comes out. LOL

Love this work by your neighbor, and I just read the next post, and you are one luck person, to make such a fun project.