Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Note From Emily...


Sydney is 9 years old. On March 2nd, she was diagnosed with a type of a germ cell tumor in the brain by the pituitary glad. The specific germ cell tumor is called Germinoma. Sydney also developed diabetes due to the tumor. Sydney has a lot to deal with because she has autism and doesn't understand all that is going on and that is making her journey difficult because she was having trouble taking medication and visiting the doctors.

Heather & Lindsay have Designed a set to help out with Sydney.

50% off the Sales will go to Sydney.

So head on over to the store and get these cute Stickerz for Only $2.50 each

These Sets are a Sneak Peek of our New Stickerz Line Launching in April

We have been having so much fun getting this new line ready to launch.

Lindsay has made a really cute sample to show the difference
of the white and clear Stickerz

All Stickerz can be ordered ON either clear or white BACKGROUND

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