Sunday, September 28, 2008

IT'S A PROJECT!! "I've Been Around Photo Wreath"

I tried to think of a cuter name...truly I did...and I'm certainly not trying to imply that I have been around that much...okay maybe I have been known to give my husband sex for stamps...don't judge me ...I won't sell myself out for just anything though...just don't dangle a Starbuck's Mocha Frappacino in front of me and expect me to keep my clothes on for very long...

Now that I've given you a revolting visual you're likely to be reeling from for most of the day....let me tell you how to make this really cute hanging photo wreath...The holidays are rapidly approaching you know...and we have 5 less shopping days this year....

1. Acquire, purchase or steal 3, 6 inch round wreath forms. You can also use wreaths already decorated and rip all the old crap off them. I got these naked at Goodwill for .25 each...yep, I know. I used some ripped up muslin (another cheap thrift store find) to string the wreaths together. You could also use ribbon, but tie them together before step two, I know what I'm talking about here, ok?

2. I used rusty screen that I bought at Red Lead as a back for the wreath's. You can probably find some at your hardware store or back them with something else. I attached the screen with hot glue, and burnt my fingers several times and used a lot of swear words. Yes, I know there's a low temp variety, but I prefer self inflicting pain and using swear words. It makes me appreciate the final project that much more.

Here are some visual aids

3. I flipped the wreaths over so they would have depth. I added some lace around the inside for character. I like depth and character.

4. Cover 3 chipboard circles with some cute patterned paper, I used Cosmo Cricket Little Boys. I also sanded the edges and added some paint to give them kind of a distressed look. I then adhered my photos to the circles. I printed them out in sepia tone so they would kind of match the wreaths.

Some more visual aids
E. I mean 5. whatever...I attached the photo/chipboard circles to the center of the wreaths, added buttons everywhere I could think of because there are never enough buttons and then called it done.
I know a lot of people/blog Goddesses/ etc do video tutorials, honestly if I did that it would be like 6 hours long and I'd have to censor out all the swear words and screaming at my kids every 15 minutes. If I ever figure out how to do all that it would probably be more like a feature film.
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Angel Gurl said...

you crack me up Amy, laughed aout loud about the stamps and sex and starbucks frap. Then to top it off about how you would cuss if you had done a video tutorial. LOvely wreath Amy. Thanks for making me laugh.

Angela said...


interesting project,thanks for sharing

Kelly said...

Cute project!

You crack me up!

Rita said...

You are SO funny! LOL

This is a great project -- it turned out so darn cute!

Jana said...

Way cool idea. Love the photos and papers you used.