Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 6...One more left!!!

Here are your random numbers: 1

That would be you Mandie! Please email me your address and Stephanie, if you're out there you won yesterday and I still need your address as well...Just so you're not driving yourself nuts checking the mail everyday...I'm planning on mailing everything out at once, probably on Monday, since I have to work all weekend...

This is today's giveaway..

This "My Cup of Tea" stamp measures 3x5...sorry I didn't get artwork done using it for you...My life is in a bit of an upheaval...

I'm really looking forward to a little escape tomorrow in the form of 007 and Daniel Craig...I've been looking forward to Quantum of Solace almost as much as Twilight... Your challenge tonight...Are you a Bond Fan? Which Bond movies have you seen? Which Bond was your favorite?

We have decided to take the assignment and move to DC...anyone looking for a house to rent?

I did actually get something accomplished...I started this mini album almost a year ago, and got frustrated with it so I put it away...I found it again recently, figured out what I was doing wrong and fixed it...

I'm sorry this is so short, but I've got to go...see you tomorrow for the last giveaway!!
1. finally making a decision
2. getting some quality alone time with Rob today to actually be able to make that decision
3. Papa Murphy's pizza..if you have one of these near your get some...For Real
4. The new coffee creamers by Coffee Mate..have you tried these..Biscotti, Tiramisu yummy
5. DC here we come!


Kelly said...

Would you believe I've never seen a whole Bond movie?? I've just never gotten into them.

All the way to DC??? How long until you have to move?? I'd love to drive down and see you one more time if the time allows it.

Jana said...

Great mini album. Love the way the pages flip.

I love the older 007 flicks. Sean Connery could eat crackers or whatever he wanted...

lissie said...

I love Bond movies, lol. And that album is very cool, I like the separate directions of "flippage" lol. :)

Dianna said...

I don't do Bond movies...but I like the title of that ONE in particular ;)
(not really, I think it's gross)

Glad you had some down time to make a decision...kind of stinks though...:(

CUTE album*!* Doesn't feel good to finish a project? (I'm guessing it feels good, I never finish anythi...

Kylie w Warszawie said...

How long will you be in DC? When we leave here we have to move there, probably to the same place you'll be. That'd be so cool!

Anonymous said...

I like James Bond movies although I have not seen many of the older ones.......I became a fan when Pierce Brosnan was OO7. I can't pick a favorite but I really enjoyed Die Another Day. Let us know how the new movie is. :)

Congrats on making a decision and moving to DC. Wishing you the best!

Your mini album is fabulous. I have never made one like is great!

Oh I love that tea stamp. I just received my Unity order from alst week which included a mega tea cup and the circle two for ironic. lol

Rene said...

I have never seen a Bond movie. I'm sure that's quite un-American but it's never been my genre (I'm a chick-flick kinda gal).

But, I do sing a very poor, off-key version of "Nobody does it better"...does that count?

Carolyn said...

You're going to move to DC? Hopefully this is a good thing. Of course we have internet, so you won't be out of touch.
I like the old Bond movies. But I heard this one is good, the first hour is packed with action. But they are saying the "new" Bond needs to be more smooth.
Okay, only one week until Twilight.