Monday, October 29, 2007

What a Ride!!!

First off let me say thank you so much to Rhonna Farrer, we returned from our trip to Nashville to find this waiting for me….

My box from the 21 day challenge…!!! pictures can not begin to do it justice, she was incredibly generous and I’m going to have so much fun making stuff with all these wonderful products designed by Rhonna and the extras she threw in…

Next…Opryland in Nashville is amazing…if you ever have the chance to go…go go go!!…I am a country music lover…but my hubby and kids are not…but it doesn’t even matter the place is A-MAY-ZING!!! I took over 300 pics and it’s just too much to try to condense even a little but here are some highlights…
1. Feeling like you’re in a botanical garden but being under a glass roof…
2. about 20 resturaunts to choose from
3. amazing food…omigosh..almost as good as you know what
4.going for a boat ride without ever leaving the resort
5. the water/laser light/fountain show
6.”Divine” the living vine show
7. Incredibly nice people and service
8. shops, shops, shops
9.eating lunch at The Aquarium and underwater themed resturaunt with a stingray petting pool and aquariums everywhere
10. getting to go to a show at “The Grand Ole Opry” and see Vince Gill sing “Go Rest High on That Mountain” literally brought tears to my eyes….

Tomorrow back to the real world, of work then I hope to get some creating done and posted here….thanks for stopping by!

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