Thursday, October 11, 2007


just a lot going on and unfortunately I got behind in everything including my journal…here are the final 8 pages…I’m so happy to be done and this has been such a great experience for me…thanks Rhonna for the inspiration!!
no they aren’t the greatest, I was much more creative at the begginning, but I am happy to have completed it…
What’s been going on…well first we had a death in our Air Force family which hit Rob pretty hard, and the people he works with..they’re doing better now…but healing takes time and that’s really all I can say… we’re ok
…we also went to Ohio to see my family and
this little guy right here our new Godson and yes my great nephew tyler…I’m only 33…it’s a long story…we also spent time here at my dad’s restraunt…ok I’ve never had a philly in actual philidelphia, but no matter where I go nobody has as good as a steak philly as they do at my dad’s…Ferraro’s Restraunt, Canton Ohio…yes I’m a little biased but for real you’ve got to try one…we also came back home with this little girl right here
her name is Cocoa, Landon named her, his birthday is next week…I forgot how much work it is, almost like having another baby…well I didn’t have the baby but she is one so there you go…she is a poop machine…anyway will you just look at that face? When my nephew brought one to my mom’s I knew we were sunk…there were only 3 in the litter and they all went to family members… My sister gave her to us…she’s always bred registered dogs and she’s trying to get started with that new kennel club that does designer dogs…Cocoa is a Ratapuggle…rat terrier/beagle/pug mix…and I can tell already she’s going to be a holy terror…but she is so stinkin cute and so far our other dog Duchess seems to like her she’s fixed so she’s kind of acting like a mama…
what else ok well I had divine plans for my day off today to do some creating…but instead I ended up doing this apparently my boys grew about an 4 inches and gained 10 lbs overnight because this morning…our first really cool morning of the year…I discovered to my utter horror that no one has any pants that fit…thus began my purging of the dressers and closets which will be making a trip somewhere as a donation…I had no idea they had so much stuff that didn’t fit them anymore…so then of course..what’s a girl to do but head to Target to buy new pants/jeans/ and socks because the sock monster has also eaten one of each pair of socks we own….
so right now all I want to do is this while watching Grey’s Anatomy which comes on in 7 minutes…
my goal is to be better about posting these next few weeks

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