Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You'd never believe it if I didn't show you...

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back into the swing...!

as you know we moved to Andrews AFB and although we are very happy to be here safe and sound...and looking forward to getting out and seeing the many things there are to see

things have not gone quite as smoothly as we hoped along the way

but WE'RE HERE! and getting settled

so buckle in this is probably going to be the longest post ever..

here we go

Snowstorm in the Mountains on the drive here

It was beautiful...but I think my fingernails are all still attached to my steering wheel

Carsick Dog

Cocoa, the one on the right...uggggh...despite drugs from the Vet....

hotel, hotel, hotel

my camera ran out of batteries for a few days..

Arrive in DC!!


On the Mall....

Smithsonian (Natural History)

It really was kind of like "Night at the Museum"

These were all from our first few days here...

Then, on Friday we were able to get our house and move in!!

and then on Saturday

our sewer lines backed up and exploded all over the front yard


So...We didn't want to have to move out again...yeah, we're crazy...we were able to get another room on base on Sunday and went back and forth to use the bathroom/ shower etc...

Don't even ask what we did until Sunday...


unpacking all weekend

and then Tuesday...(please refer to the title of this post)


We have running water and toilets that flush...amazing how you tend to take that for granted!!

I love those guys!!

Today was our first day of homeschooling...we're having some growing pains...which is to be expected...but I have faith it's going to work....and I have met some of the nicest people here!!

We did get to watch Air Force One land last week and wave to President Obama, but it was dusk and you're not allowed to use flash photography

and finally..

I made a card

Supplies: Stamps Unity Stamp Company, Paper K&Co

I have some serious catching up to do on all your blogs!!


Judy said...

And with all youn had going on you managed to find time to make a card! I'm impressed. Lovely card.

Kelly said...

I'm glad to hear you are settling in to some sense of normalcy. Hopefully you don't have anymore "surprises". I've missed your blogging!!

You need to give Dianna a kick in the butt because she's slacking big time.

Christi Snow said...

Girl! How do you do it...AND still have a rocking creative muse?!?! You are my idol!!! I am so happy to hear that you have running water again. Now relax in a hot bubble bath!!! smiles...

Kylie w Warszawie said...

I love DC. So jealous.


I got your email about your troubles. Sorry I didn't get back to you. The preschoolers and teenagers were killing me and now I'm snowed in with sick kids and getting around to all that computer stuff.

Although, I still somehow managed to do a LO a day for LOAD:). Love that challenge!

Lisa H. said...

wow! what a crazy adventure for you :) glad everything is falling into place now. love the card! those lamps are just so fun to work with.

Angela said...

what an eventful time. Glad you managed to "holiday" a bit on your travels, and that you now have water again

Jana said...

Sounds like you have had quite the adventure. Yikes. Glad to see that everyone made it through okay AND that it is over. LOL.
Good luck with the homeschooling thing. I give you a lot of credit for even trying. I KNOW I couldn't do it.

Kitty said...

Good to 'see' you Amy! I do admire those who home school - I just couldn't do it justice I don't think. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in Washington. x

Casii said...

What an adventure! And what stories you will all have to tell!
Love the card, it was probably much needed therapy after all that 'adventure'.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are getting settled and everything is starting to smooth out for you. Oh goodness, as you may recall we just went through the same sewer/septic tank issues.....I FEEL your pain, girl! lol Glad they got it fixed quickly for you.

Your card is beautiful! Have missed seeing your creations.


the wreath witch said...

poor pups barfing in the car. we have a opossum that moved either under the deck or the sun room for the winter . he comes out to look in the back door window which gets Maisy yipping and poor blind scooter barks ... he barks out side but I'm sure if the possum stands still he wont see it. neither has seen the dog at your place yet. I saw it once. I haven't met them yet ... I will when the weather warms up a bit. the photos are great tell your men I said hi... pat.

Carolyn said...

I would say you have had one crazy adventure with the move, just think of it as interesting scrapbooking material. No ad-libbing needed. LOL

Hope your getting settled in and things are a bit less crazy for you and the family.

Rosemary said...

Welcome to the DC area! I'm sorry getting settled in was so eventful. I'm also amazed you found time in all of this to be crafty - good for you! Now you'll have to take a drive up north (at least halfway) and meet up with some of your blogging kin that are around here. We'd love to get together with you.

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

That card is so pretty! I am sorry you had raw sewage explode in your front yard on your second day in your new house! Unbelievable! I hope you get settled soon!
Thanks for the photos! Kinda puts life into perspective!

Hugs to you, Miss Amy!

Michelle said...

Wow! You did have quite the experience! Now it's all over and you get to enjoy your new home! There's SO much to do down there I hope you get to enjoy it all! I'm so jealous and would love to move back!