Monday, November 24, 2008

Mount St Nacho, Twilight Review and a Reject...

I have a few things to share today...

First my DT Reject...LOL...I tried out for the CY DT using this layout interpretation of Sketch #3 (12x6)..their link is over there on the right. They have a lot of really great sketches, didn't make the DT maybe one of these days...but that's ok...I like the way it turned out..

Supplies used: Unity Scalloped Journal and Nov that tree DP is Kaiser, Making Memories, CTMH

Based on CPS #92 Supplies used: Unity Stamp Co "Something Within" DP K and Co

Soooo...What did you think of Twilight? I really liked it, and I would like to go see it again. I thought the casting choices for almost everyone were dead on..the only ones that bugged me were Jasper and Alice, mostly Alice...not at all what I pictured in my head, but I think I'll get over it as they make the next two. A lot of the conversation between Edward and Bella was lost in translation and so it seemed kind of choppy to me in parts as well. Still, I loved it...I think it made a good compliment to the book and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the next one.

I went with my friend Mechelle, and her 16 year old daughter Sara...the Movie Theatre got all froggy when I tried to take pics there, but here's a pic of us having lunch afterwards..

Sara fell in love with Edward as soon as he hit the screen, but I explained to her that I wasn't sharing him until she reads the books, Mechelle read the books too and she agrees...

This is Mount St Nacho...seriously...what was I thinking?...
Afterwards, we went thrifting at Goodwill...because it's super fun... while we were there they had Christmas music playing and there was a woman who was singing along opera style REALLY loud and she was serious...she was not playing...I wanted to take her picture but I was too busy peeing my pants laughing so hard plus Mechelle kept telling me to stop it and be nice (Mechelle is a very nice person) but I couldn't help myself (I mean no offense to any Christmas Carol Opera singing Goodwill customers out there) So Sara and I joined in the carolling...and then we made Sara try on lot's of goofy clothes and model them for us...she's a pretty good sport...I told her I know it's a lot of fun to hang out with really cool mom's like us, but not to get used to it....just kidding Sara!

So that's all I've got...I've got to get to the post office and mail Eclipse and New Moon to Steph in Japan...I promised I'd do it a week ago...oops... Steph (oh she who was so not interested in reading Twilight) started the books about a week and a half ago after I sent them to her and then called me and said..."um I'm halfway through New Moon...when can you send the last two"...LOL

Supplies Used: Unity Sentiments O Simple, Fanciful Dots ,DP Cosmo Cricket

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hip Hop...Hungover

Supplies Used:
Unity Stamp Company: August KOM, Amazing Me, Scalloped Journal
Pattern Paper: Basic Grey, CTMH

Can you feel the sunshine?....It is a cold, sunny day here in Southwestern, IL...but whenever I look at this picture of Rob holding a beer on my Dad's boat on Lake Erie...I swear I can feel the rays....

I didn't get to play at Hip Hop yesterday...I had to work to pay for my addictions to Unity stamps and crackalattes...oh yeah and moving halfway across the country(which by the way have you tried the McDonald's coffees?..they are super yummy and about 1/3 of the price of Starbuck's...way to buy more stamps...)..BUT I do get to play at Hip Hop Hangover! Come and play if you get a chance!! Also make sure you go by Angela's blog so you can check out all the other hungover chicks!

OK, I was supposed to go this am to the 9:40 show (no I'm not kidding they show movies that early) to see Twilight with my friend Mechelle, we've been planning it since August...but she has 4 kids to coordinate and it didn't work out...and I am nothing if I'm not a good and loyal friend so we are going tomorrow morning and her teenage daughter is coming with us...The Midnight Thursday shows have been sold out here since earlier this week...I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I am blessed with a day that I have no where I have to be so I am going to relax, play with stamps, and get some stuff done around the house (to alleviate the guilt)...I can do laundry and stamp at the same time...;-)

So, off I go..hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


1. This day

2. good snacks

3. GAS IS $1.78 A gallon HERE!!

4. The house is coming together..funny how you put all these little projects off for "later" then all the sudden you have to do them and you're all like "wow, we should have done this years ago"

5. Landon and I have been doing puzzles lately and having a great time with them...very cheap entertainment!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Completely out of my mind...

I was so happy to have the Wednesday Unity Addict Challenge today to get my mind off of all the crazy shitzu that is going on in my life lately...

This one used another inspiration know I love these..and I really loved these colors so I'll probably be using it for some other stuff as well...

here's the inspiration..

and here's the card I made...

Supplies Used: CTMH Cardstock, Basic Grey PP, Unity Stamp Company "Hey Chick" and August KOM
About going out of my mind...I know I mentioned that we got an assignment to Andrews AFB...and that we're supposed to be there at the end of January...First let me say that we are excited about's a part of the country we've always wanted to see, it's a little closer to my family and we have friends's getting someone to rent our house here that is very scary...we already know that Rob will probably go and the kids and I will have to stay until someone rents the's just the worry over how long that could take...
So..I am begging you...if you here of anyone moving to Southwestern Il/St Louis area please send them here. It's the link to our house listing on
Thanks so Much!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Giveaway!! Hope you had fun!!

Here are your Random Numbers: 2

Jana!! You are the winner of my stamp a day giveaway... You can find the last stamp by looking here...

For your challenge go here
and look at all the wonderful talent that Angela posts of her Unity "Girls" because I didn't get time to make anything today to show you...while you're there leave her some love and then come back here to let me know you did, I will pick a random winner tomorrow for the last giveaway!!
Thanks so much for playing all this week, I hope you've had as much fun as I've had...

AND...if you aren't too busy this weekend GO SEE Quantum of was amazing..and you don't even have to be a Bond fan was non-stop action and I'm sure the experience was so much better seeing it in the know how some movies are just made for the big screen??...I can always tell how great a movie is by everyones reluctance to get up to go to the one...and I mean no one left to pee for the entire movie..I swear the line was 20 min long when we got out of there!!!

That's all tomorrows' post will be super quick because I'm working..Thanks!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 6...One more left!!!

Here are your random numbers: 1

That would be you Mandie! Please email me your address and Stephanie, if you're out there you won yesterday and I still need your address as well...Just so you're not driving yourself nuts checking the mail everyday...I'm planning on mailing everything out at once, probably on Monday, since I have to work all weekend...

This is today's giveaway..

This "My Cup of Tea" stamp measures 3x5...sorry I didn't get artwork done using it for you...My life is in a bit of an upheaval...

I'm really looking forward to a little escape tomorrow in the form of 007 and Daniel Craig...I've been looking forward to Quantum of Solace almost as much as Twilight... Your challenge tonight...Are you a Bond Fan? Which Bond movies have you seen? Which Bond was your favorite?

We have decided to take the assignment and move to DC...anyone looking for a house to rent?

I did actually get something accomplished...I started this mini album almost a year ago, and got frustrated with it so I put it away...I found it again recently, figured out what I was doing wrong and fixed it...

I'm sorry this is so short, but I've got to go...see you tomorrow for the last giveaway!!
1. finally making a decision
2. getting some quality alone time with Rob today to actually be able to make that decision
3. Papa Murphy's pizza..if you have one of these near your get some...For Real
4. The new coffee creamers by Coffee Mate..have you tried these..Biscotti, Tiramisu yummy
5. DC here we come!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Giveway #5...and out of sorts...

Here are your random numbers: 6

Stephanie that's you. Please email me your address!

Todays giveaway is the clock image on this card by Unity. Just to give you a little perspective, this is a 5 x 8 card, the clock is 6 inches tall and 2 inches wide...I'm giving you a break with this one...just leave me a comment and I'll choose a random winner tomorrow evening.

I've had a ton of nervous energy, so I've been making stuff like is my Unity Addict Wed Challenge Card...The Challenge was to use primary colors
The images are Unity's Cuter than Most set..

On Mondays at the Unity Forum on Splitcoast Amber gives us a sketch, this is what I did with it..

Stamps are Unity's Small Elegance and Sentiment is Oct KOM
And I got my Christmas Cards done..they are pretty simple...when I'm doing assembly line it's so hard to be creative..
and of course these are also Unity Stamps...

and finally I knocked out another Christmas Present with this framed piece...

These stamps are Unity's Oct KOM
I want to take a minute to thank everyone who's been coming by and playing in my challenges. I'm so happy to be able to share some stamps with you from my favorite company. I'm leaving the Twilight song up a little longer...I'm in love...:-)
We are at a huge crossroads in our life today...I feel like I'm stuck in that Robert Frost poem...and I have no idea what we're going to do yet...move or retire...I have faith though that the answer will come and whatever we decide will be right for us. Thanks so much for being such good friends to me. See you tomorrow!!
1. My family
2. A life altering decision
3. We are healthy and happy
4. that all this craziness has given me so much creative energy...(pretty soon to crash and burn though)
5. a husband who is also my partner and best friend

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here We Go!!! Day 4!!!

Here are your random numbers:


Kylie I believe that's you !!!

Today I'm giving away the Unity Dragonfly stamp on this notebook I altered today for a Christmas Gift....

And your challenge this time is to post on your blog a link to me mentioning my giveaway and then link back here in the comments...easy enough?...You have until 8pm tomorrow night.

This is super short because right now I'm supposed to be watching Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D and my kids and husband are having a fit...

so I've got to go- but I 'll be back tomorrow...I've got lots of stuff I made today to share!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 3 ...What am I giving away today???

My winner of the Sentiment stamp from yesterday is Tonya!!! Tonya, please email me your address! Thanks for all the new blogs to go check out!

I'm a little behind today...but I'm getting there...It's all over once I pick up a book...and I never should have with all the stuff I need to do, BUT I did...last night and buried myself in it for most of the day...

This was a really great's part of a series Book 12 of the Dark-Hunter series...but it stands on it's own, I know I've read a few of the series here and there over the past few years...this is by far her best book.

So speaking of anyone as excited as I am for the Twilight movie in 11 days?? The song you are currently listenting to is from the soundtrack...So your challenge for today is..

I want to know a favorite quote of yours from a book...leave it for me in a comment by tomorrow at 8pm to win the Unity flower newsprint stamp on this card

I finally got started on my Christmas cards...hopefullly I'll get them finished tomorrow... and maybe a few more Christmas presents...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day two of the Stamp o Day Giveaway!!

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers: 2

KELLY, That's you!!!

Kelly just won Unity's Tea Cup Stamp!

Thanks for coming by and playing, I so enjoyed reading about all the things you are grateful for.

Today's giveaway is another Unity stamp. This one is a sentiment..."May Beauty Flow Through You"..
This one is kling mounted, meaning you can use it with any acrylic block. This card is based on sketch #19 from the creatively yours sketch blog.

Your challenge for today? Let's spread some love around...
Go visit 2 blogs you have never been to before and leave comments, then come back here and leave me a comment with links to those blogs. You have until tomorrow at 8pm. Can't wait to check out some new bloggers with you!!

I should have been making Christmas cards today, I'm in a swap and the deadline is Wed...I just can't seem to get going...I need to dedicate a day (or 10) to just finishing all the little projects that I've started around here...I am the queen of tomorrow...

1. Had such a nice quiet weekend
2. breakfast in bed
3. Enjoyed a trip to the mall today with a friend I hadn't seen in forever...(I know, I hate the mall...but she needed help picking out a suit for a job interview)
4. Those Brooke Shields Volkswagon commercials...they so crack me up
5. the boys have gotten along all's so nice when that happens!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Giveaway a Day for 7 days!!!

With enough caffeine I could rule the world...seriously...I think I could...

I've been up since 5am and I'm wired...I'll probably pass out at around 9 or so....

Want to win a FREE UNITY STAMP like the one I used above? The stamp is called "Tea Cup" but it definitely works as a coffee cup too. (The sentiment is Inkadinkadoo.) The stamp itself looks like this in all it's rubba glory...

If you are new to Unity, you do not have to have the handles to make the wood mounted stamps work...the handles are really beautifully crafted..and make it easier (I'm saving up ;-) ) but in case you were wondering like I was at first, rest assured they still work fabulously without them...

To win this stamp I need you to do something...(you didn't think all you were going to have to do was leave a comment, did you?)

If you come and visit me often you know that I always try to add what I'm grateful for that day at the end of each post. It helps me focus on the positive in my life...even when things aren't all that positive...

Today, your challenge is to take some time out of your day and take stock of what you're grateful for. Dedicate a blog post to it. If you don't have a blog write them down and email me a picture. Tell someone who's having a bad day that you appreciate them. Say Thank You to someone you love for loving you back. Say something nice to everyone you encounter today. BE GRATEFUL. I want to hear how it changed your day, made someone smile, gave you butterflies in your belly....I want all the warm fuzzies people...don't leave out the good parts....I promise it will change the way you think...

You have until tomorrow at 12pm central time to link me up to your post, or email me a picture. I will choose a random winner to win the "tea cup" stamp. I can't wait to hear all your stories!!

This is probably one of my favorite Unity Stamp sets Gratitude=Joy".

Go forth and Be Grateful!

Stop back for tomorrow's giveaway!


1. Being able to give away stamps!

2. Waking up with the sunrise

3. The promise of a weekend without definite plans

4. comfy pj's (which I have plans to stay in as long as possible today)

5. snuggling up on the couch with the kids and watching movies on a cold day

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time Flies...

If you catch it, could you send me some please??

Back to work tomorrow, so I won't be able to join in on the Hip Hop Hoopla, but if you have time head on over to the Unity forum at Splitcoast it's always so much fun!

For our Wednesday Challenge this week Lisa gave us an inspiration piece...I love this kind of totally gets me going. So here is the piece..
Aren't these plates just beautiful... I made a few things using this as inspiration
First a Christmas Gift for my sister

This started out naked wood, the really cool thing about it is that it's on a spinner!

She has a desk in her kitchen and this matches it perfectly. This is made with K&Co pattern paper.

Then I made a card, I think maybe it's because of the shine on the paper, but I couldn't seem to get a perfectly clear picture.
and I'm also really not sure how much I like it anyway...LOL... It's pretty simple...

I used Bazzil Bling, my cuttlebug and Unity Stamp Co. Bitty Holiday Cheer

and last I made a little ornament using the same stamp set from Unity, some buttons, ok a lot of buttons and floral wire.

Just a Reminder- Starting Saturday to celebrate my new blog design I will be giving stuff away, something everyday for 7 days!! Including Unity Stamps! There will be fun challenges and games to play...hope you come by!!
1. Rob is getting a little better
2. Another Christmas present knocked out
3. this incredible weather we've been enjoying
4. A very sweet card I got in the mail..Thanks Kelly
5. this is going to be a great movie month...9 days until the new James Bond Movie (um I'll take a Daniel Craig on a stick please.. thank you) and 16 until Twilight!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do you want to touch my monkeys????

supplies used:

Unity Stamp Co: Hey Chick, Giggle Grove, flirty flowers

Cosmo Cricket pattern paper

Well, What do you think? Veronica did an awesome job didn't she? I love my little coffee drinking cheeky monkeys!! If you're interested in doing business with her she is awesome to work with...go check out her blinkie down there on the left.
This is cool.....
I got an email from a woman who works for Eckert's who somehow stumbled upon my post here about them on Mother's Day. They are one of our favorite family places to go. It's a big family owned farm where you can pick whatever is in season, have a homecooked meal in their resturaunt (with fried biscuits and homemade applebutter YUMMY), walk around their market, they have their own wine AND everything and pet some goats AND get your Christmas Tree... Anyway, she thanked me for mentioning them and sent me two tickets for free breakfast with Santa AND a $5 gift card for their market! How awesome is that? Free Food!! So if you're ever in the Greater St Louis area go check them out!
Now the news!! To celebrate my new look I'm giving stuff away!!! Starting Saturday Nov 8th (because I have to work thursday and friday and I think by then Rob will be at least walking around) I will be having a giveaway a day for 7 days...That's right 7 days....I have some Unity Stamps on their way to me looking for a new home and a few other things as'll just have to stay tuned and wait and see!!! I'm going to do my best to make it fun and I hope you'll enjoy playing along!!!

Next, the pictures!!

They must not do a lot of surgeries on Scrapbookers...The Nurse Anesthesist kept shaking his head and laughing at me because I kept snapping pictures. Then he grabbed the camera from me and took one of the two of us. He said in 20 years he never had anyone take pictures. Sorry-- but you're not getting the rear view. Rob doesn't look this happy today. He's pretty miserable, but he's fine! Thanks for all your well wishes!!

I have one more card for you...This one is inspired by Amber's sketch. She gives us a sketch to work with on Monday's over at Splitcoast here. She also just had ankle surgery so stop by her blog and wish her well if you get a chance.

Supplies used: Unity Stamp Company August KOM, Hampton Arts (Sentiment) ;Cosmo Cricket Pattern Paper


1.Rob made it through the surgery great!

2. The boys have been so helpful

3. Cocoa was returned to us yesterday...she ran away a few weeks ago and we thought she was lost forever

4. Being able to take a few days off to take care of Rob

5. Coffeemate makes Tiramisu flavored have to try this stuff

6. LOOK AT MY STINKING CUTE MONKEYS!!! and check this guy out below....

I have to get around and catch up with everyone's blogs...that's on my agenda for today..don't forget to stop back by for the giveaways!!!