Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Ricetta Day!

I think I'm finally figuring out my Bamboo Pad, well seems to have a pretty big learning curve...I think I'm going to need to take a class...Right now I'm too lazy to count, but I think this is Ricetta #4...if you use the Ricetta please link me up in the comments...

Here is my layout...

I did journal on the circle, and you can see it in person, don't know why it's so hard to see in the picture...

I also finished the mini album for the class I'm teaching on March 15th at The Scrapbook Factory

I have just discovered this is the best place to take photos in my house... here are a couple pics of the inside

I'd probably have a bit more to tell you today, but blogger has a scheduled outage in like 8 minutes...So more tomorrow!
1. I have the best husband ever
2. Baked some Banana Bread today
3. Shared said banana bread with my neighbor and some friends (mini loaves)
4. Had such a nice visit with same neighbor, I have to check if it's ok with her but I'm going to link you guys up...she is super creative!
5. Boys got their report cards today and they BOTH got straight A's! We're so proud!
ok that's it, thanks so much for stopping by!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We are the champions....

I am such a proud mama...He won Best in 6th he's off to the big leagues to compete with all the other schools in the area...
That's all I have tonight...Ricetta and hopefully some new layouts tomorrow...
1. Britain's face when he saw that trophy...priceless
2. That we all went to the Science Fair and got to see it
3. Got my project done for the mini album class I'm teaching at Scrapbook Factory
4. nice day at work
5. Landon wanting to snuggle

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fuzzy Logic?

Britain and I returned around lunch time today from our trip...(I'll expand on that below)...I know I said we hardly ever go out to dinner, but ok I was being lazy, and there's no food in the house...and well ok I don't have any excuse for I thought it would be fun to pick Landon up after school and take them both to Applebee's... a sort of welcome back/let's do something fun since we missed each other thing...

First off, let me say please do not be offended by the following story...this is just our life....

Lately, Britain has made it a personal crusade to make sure we all hold hands and say Grace before every meal. This is a good thing...If anyone takes a bite before this happens he asks God to forgive the person who took a bite before they were supposed to. This is kind of in a joking way, but not in a disrespectful way... We're not really regular churchgo-ers. We have been in the past, but have had trouble finding a church we all feel comfortable with, with the difference in our backgrounds. Mine being Roman Catholic, Rob's being more Protestant. So we educate the boys when they have questions, sometimes they'll attend church with a friend and occasionally we go to different services. So anyway, back to the program...Landon being the little instigator that he is, will purposely eat a bite when Britain is trying to start saying this afternoon at Applebee's, our food arrived to the table, Britain expectantly put his hands out, and Landon stuffed his mouth with about 10 french fries...understand that Landon does this in no disrespect to God, but to drive his brother crazy...this is just a typical day in Life with Britain being the mature kid he is -ignores Landon and proceeds with Grace, a slightly mischievious gleam to his eye

"Dear God, Thank you for blessing us with this food. Please bless all of those less fortunate than us...A-..oh and please don't send Landon to Hell for eating his french fries before he thanked you for them...Amen.."

me: "Amen"

Landon: "Amen (but his mouth is still full), swallows "That is SOOO messed up Britain! THAT is why I hit you sometimes for no reason, because I know later you're going to say something I want to hit you for but I can't reach you!"
How can you not love that logic?
This is Leslie...Fiskateer #2184 and Demonstrator Trainer Extraordinaire...

It was worth every minute of the 3 hour drive up there...I learned so much about Fiskars tools I already have, Fiskars tools I've never seen, and Lots of Fiskars tools I need to have...It was a lot of fun, and Leslie did an awesome job! You can tell she really enjoys it, and she was so helpful with ideas for the demo I have coming up at The Scrapbook Factory...
It was a really nice bonding time for Britain and I to have some together time, and Rob and Landon also had a really great time together.

Here is Britain and I as the training was winding down...he sat and read Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkabahn during the training...what a trooper!

1. wonderful night away with Britain
2. safe drive there and back
3. meeting Leslie
4. her really awesome training
5. Landonisms
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feeling Japanese...

This will be short because tomorrow we are on the road to Peoria so that I can attend Fiskars Demonstrator Training...We were all going to go, but with the snow days and the base being closed Rob really has to work on Monday, so I'm just taking Britain...which will be a really nice little trip for us and Rob and Landon will get some time together too...usually it's the opposite.
Anyway I still have to get us packed, and then we're going to watch a movie.
We went out for dinner tonight to Japanese Garden, this was a nice treat, we really don't eat out that much...we usually go get it and bring it home...LOL..
The boys love this place here are some more pictures

The boys ordered kiddie coctails...the umbrellas were a pretty big hit

That's all for tonight...I'll be back tomorrow, at least I hope so.
1. A nice dinner out
2. Can't wait for our little trip tomorrow
3. Fiskars Class
4. my warm bed
5. coffee after dinner...yummmm

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Fun PROJECT FRIDAY!!! Edited**

Hello my friends!! Thank you so much for stopping by on this Friday I have you dancing around your computer with your hair in a side ponytail?!?

Here we go

So CUTE it Makes you WANT to go BUY a book BOOKMARKS!!

I can't take full credit for this project....I've seen this idea in a bunch of places so I don't know who came up with it first, I just put my own twist to it... but it's cute and it's cheap, and it's super easy...


1. Scallop punches and a circle punch that will nest (I used my Marvy Giga scallop circle and square punches and my Fiskars XL circle squeeze punch)

2. Cardstock (I used Bazzill Bling and Worldwin)If you have not tried WorldWin Cardstock, I suggest you do...they have an awesome color selection, and it just always seems to match, it also cuts nice and clean and loves adhesive...LOVE this stuff

3. stamps ( I used Studio G clear stamps from Michael's)

4. adhesive ( I used my Tombow adhesive runner and of course Beacon's 3 in 1 craft glue)oh my heaven...I just discovered at the Beacon's site they have a "glue guide" so you can match up glue to a specific project...

5. ink

6. Jumbo Paper Clips (I got mine from the Office section of Walmart 15 for .94)

Let's go

1. Punch out your scallop circles and squares your regular circles. Punch your scalloped shapes double because your going to sandwich your paperclip between the two.

2. Stamp images on your un-scalloped circles

3. Nest your stamped images on to your scalloped punches with adhesive

4. Apply glue to the back of one of your scalloped shapes, lay it down on a flat surface, place your paperclip on the glue, (this is where I add more glue) then apply the other scallop punch (the one with the stamped image) on top they should line right up for you...
With everything going on I've gotten a little behind in my mailouts...please hang in there....
Deanna and Angela please send me your snail mails. Thanks for playing!

That's it! The boys actually did these too, so it's something you can make pretty easy with your kids. I'm bribing them. I told them if they helped me make a bunch of these and the pebble magnets for the craft fair that they could make some money....Being the little capitalists they are they went right to work.
I think, for the most part, that my technical difficulties are over...I hope...

I got a lot of stuff done today...

Here is my card for the Deck of Me Week 8 the prompt was "if you could be someone else for one day who would it be" I picked Sydney Bristow, from ALIAS (she was played by Jennifer Garner)This just made me want to go out and rent all 6 seasons...again

and I got caught up on Christi's Creative Prompts




I really never do cards, but I had so much fun stamping and coloring this in that I got my Doodlebug stamps out and did 3 more...I think I finally "get" the stamping/coloring in's like being a little girl again hunched over a new coloring book, biting your lip, with your's so FUN!!

and I did use my crayola's!! well actually they were Britain's colored can probably totally tell I used my, er, I mean Britain's Crayola's...but it doesn't matter!!! it was FUN!

I have a big apology to make about the walking thing...I STILL haven't started...but in my defense we've had one snow storm after another here...the kids have been off for snow days the past two I am going to walk, I promise, as soon as I can walk out my front door without turning into a popsicle...

That's all I have for tonight...except for this picture of Rob pretending to be Caesar Milan with looks like she's mad, but she's not she's smiling...

she likes to lay on her back and have her chin rubbed...

Oh and I'm getting a big kick out of this ...

no, it's not a flying's the picture Britain took of the Lunar Eclipse...
Have a great night!
oh gosh
I've been bad about this lately
1. having the day off
2. a really creative day
3. being snowed in ( ok not so great but I'm making the best of it)
4. the hershey kisses are gone (ok thank you lord)
5. we're all going to watch a movie tonight...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

T.G.I.W.!!!Ricetta #3

You'll have to bear with me, I had to take a picture of the Ricetta because my computer has decided to stop talking to my printer...I have no idea what they're arguing about, but it's just the way my day has gone...I've been having technical difficulties all over the place...and I'm really not good at here's my layout

If you are inspired by this sketch, let me know by posting your work and linking me up in the comment section!

Ricetta #2

Sooo, at my meeting this morning with Ann from The Scrapbook Factory, we finalized our plans...I'm so excited!!
I'm going to be doing a Fiskars Demo on March 8th from 12-4!!! If you're in the area, please come by we'll be doing a free make and take and you'll get to play with some Fiskars tools!!!

Also on March 15th, I'll be teaching a Mini Album class by Bo Bunny titled "He Is"...this would be a great jump on your Father's Day , Graduation or Birthday gift!!! I hope you'll drop by, I'd love to see you there!

and we are finally putting the finishing touches on the Science Project...which is why this is going to be short, I've, err, I mean we' to finish it before tomorrow...because I have to work...

Got the first email from my MT (Medical Transcription) trainer today, but that's as far as I got, because my email and internet have been screwy all day...grrrr...but I'm looking forward to getting started!

I had to take Cocoa the terrorist to the vet today to get her shots...she hates the car...I learned how much she hates the car today when she both pooped and threw up on the less than 10 minute ride to the vets office...and she's a really small dog...and I hadn't fed her for like 4 hours before her vet how she managed to make a mess more than twice the size of her is beyond me...but of course now she's all cute and perfect and cuddled up on my lap...
and here is Landon, who specifically asked that I take this picture of him and his drawing of me on his dollar bill (how cute is that?) (his homework was to design a dollar bill) he wanted to make sure that I did not tell a funny story with this's just a picture of Landon...and his homework ...the dollar bill picture...
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sending out an S.O.S. **EDITED

I am having email technical difficulties...I can recieve email but not send so if your commenting, I usually try to answer, so please bear with me and thanks in advance...:-(

I am trying very hard, but I fear my patience is begginning to wear thin...does this make me a bad mom?
This is what we have been doing since 3pm

This doesn't count of course our trip to Office Depot, WalMart and Dollar Tree for last minute supplies....H.E.L.P.
Britain would be in more of these pictures but I had him pounding away at the computer while I was putting his science project together....I will be so happy when we get through this week....I didn't end up going to work today, I have a nasty stomach bug that has been making me miserable all day(hopefully they don't fire me)

so I don't have any news yet from my LSS (which is The Scrapbook Factory), as she had an apt today anyway, so I'll be meeting with her tomorrow...

I did get very happy mail today from my bestest friend Stephanie in Japan...the kids were so excited to get candy from Japan and I am wearing my very comfy new jammies right now...see above pictures...Steph and I have a tradition of giving each other matching jammies for Christmas...Steph I soooo miss you!! Thanks so much!

I did it...I took the plunge...I signed up today for the medical transcription course/to eventually become a job takes 24 hours for them to process your application and set up your website/trainer so I will let you know more about how it's going when I know more.

I have to go get back to work now...tomorrow I will have a new Ricetta up...oh and today at Christi's I saw her coolest project in the world, at which time I immediately went to Heart in Hand Scraps and purchased the online class for $3 so cheap...and wow this is the first time I've done this and I can tell already that I am going to totally be hooked...

1. My happy mail from Japan
2. what I did get done today (which wasn't much)
3. signing up for the MT course...
4. the super cool site Heart in Hands
5. getting almost done with this science project fiasco

Monday, February 18, 2008

I am tired....

I did manage to get a little bit done today after getting back from our trip besides the laundry, which was waaaay out of control since I had to work on Saturday and we left on Sunday morning...and homework and well you know the drill...*sigh*
but I got my Deck of Me card done...not so great...I know my creative mojo just wasn't really flowing today..must be because it's been like 5 days since I've had a Crackalatte...

this week's prompt was to name something/s your talented at, and a talent you would like to have or are working at...

I also did a layout based on Creative Prompt #32...again...I like the flow of this mostly because of the photos, but very simple...and mojoless...

I have a lot to do in the weeks ahead and right now if I look too far forward, it's gets a little a good, happy, exciting way, but still a bit daunting...
Tomorrow I am meeting with the Manager of my LSS Anne to drop off my flyer for the Fiskars Demo I have scheduled there on March 8th, more info to follow...I need to prepare the make n take, advertise, and make RAC's for everyone who participates..I'm aiming for about 100...
This meeting will take place after work which I have to get up for at 4am....LOL...but the coolest thing is she seems really interested in having me pick up some classes as well, so I hope to set the first one up when I see her tomorrow...
I am also trying really hard to get a bunch of work done for a local craft fair that a friend of mine has a table at to see if I have any luck...anyone have any suggestions for things to make? I'm looking for cute and easy...This is what will be keeping me very busy Wednesday and Friday...but I also have to get Cocoa to the vet to get her shots updated and we have to get Britain's Science Project done before Friday...On Saturday we're going to Peoria for the rest of the weekend so I can attend Fiskars demonstrator training....We thought we'd make a weekend of it so cool of Rob to support me in this...typically we're not such globetrotters LOL, I can't remember the last time we went anywhere...but the Rend Lake thing well, like I said it was free and had to be used up...
I am very seriously considering going back to school to be a Medical Transciptionist so that I can work from home...I've checked out several programs just have to decide to take the plunge...why is it so hard to take a leap like that? Right now, with Rob's career where it is, it is so hard for me to work because I just can't depend on him to be available when I'm at work for the kids...(if you're a military wife you can totally relate I'm sure) and as a nurse I can't just simply say "sorry gotta go the school just called" even though I'm only there 3 days a week, it still manages to cause problems....and I know my boys are getting older, but I just can't bring myself to let them walk into an empty house....I'm probably nuts....
anyway I am so rambling on and I really have to go to bed...I will catch up with everyones blogs tomorrow ...
MWAH!! big fat kisses to everyone and thanks for stopping by!!
1. my big warm bed with clean sheets....
2. this place to vent my thoughts, worries, frustrations
3. my sweet boys...all 3 of them
4. good friends who dog sat for us last night
5. love

Sunday, February 17, 2008

100 Posts?!?!

Have I really stuck with something long enough to make it to 100...? wow it's really kind of motivating and inspiring...and I have been so fortunate to "meet" so many really cool and wonderful people in this bloglandia...Thanks so much for always stopping by and for your wonderful comments!

Well, first off I am coming to you live from the lovely Rend Lake Resort...

we won a free night here back in November when Rob was awarded by the USO and we were itchy for a night away so here we has been incredibly relaxing...First we stopped by the Southern Illinois Artisans Museum...a Museum that exibits art from artists all over Illinois. I so enjoyed walking around looking at everything from blown glass to quilts, handmade cards to pottery. It's so inspiring here are some pictures of my favorites from the gift shop...

The weather is well, pretty crappy...cold, wet, grey and windy and I think we might be the only people staying here this is the view from our room...we are making plans to come back in the summer and rent a boat

We stopped at Genkota Winery in Mt Vernon and got a couple bottles of vino, and the kids got sparkling grape juice

What's nice about a night away...well there's plenty of relaxing time for this...
and this...
and this...

Tomorrow morning we'll get up, have a big breakfast and head back to the Real World, back home, where laundry, dirty dishes, homework and real life awaits us...but for now, we're enjoying a night in a hotel...
To celebrate my 100th post I will be sending out some blog candy to the first 2 people to post will know who you are so please go ahead and also email me your address.
I also was trying to think of some other way to commemorate with 100 of here is a random stream of conciousness in 100 words :
1. blessed 2. spirit 3. love 4. coffee 5. Britain 6. chocolate 7. hope 8. laugh 9. linger 10. stay 11. rest 12. relax 13. wine 14. Landon 15. Mom 16. Rob 17. sister 18. friend 19. sassy 20. be 21. see 22. look 23. tree 24. water 25. truth 26. art 27. photograph 28. happy 29. sing 30. journey 31. drive 32. music 33. blue 34. vanilla 35. play 36. beautiful 37. heart 38. generosity 39. live 40. breathe 41. calm 42. delight 43. full 44. believe 45. know 46. hug 47. enjoy 48. nurture 49. learn 50. read 51. books 52. ride 53. blue 54. mountain 55. bloom 56. grow 57. flow 58. nature 59. laptop 60. blog 61. widget 62. cocoa 63. light 64. wings 65. fly 66. pray 67. library 68. scrapbook 69. paper 70. clouds 71. rain 72. sunshine 73. comfort 74. pillow 75. fun 76. time 77. sunrise 78. promise 79. faith 80. memories 81. family 82.children 83. splash 84. snuggle 84. puppies 85. boys 86. wild 87. dream 88. inspire 89. words 90. taste 91. ice cream 92. snow 93. swing 94. earth 95. create 96. design 97.sketch 98.cookies 99. brown 100. story
and that's it...thanks for stopping by and good luck!