Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So this is what happens...

While Britain in is in class...apparently this is the reason he has so much homework, actually this is where he's supposed to be writing down his the "this week in history" on the page...I suppose I should be a little bothered, mad even, but they are just so funny...apparently his classmates are "ordering" comics of themselves...and he's a straight A student so I guess you pick your battles right? and he is pretty creative!
here he is with Landon making fun of some crazy people on American Idol, ok now normally I don't condone "making fun" of anyone- but really some of these people on AI you know are just trying to get on TV and they let them on totally for the entertainment value....

I had time today....I love time
so I got mostly caught up on Creative Prompts...these have so inspired me over the past several months...after doing them for so long I can look at almost any ad, photo anything and see a "sketch" in my head...
here's #23

here's #24

sketch #25

yes, I actually did a layout about when we all had the flu....ahhh the memories :-)
and here is my card for the week for the Deck of Me Challenge-this weeks prompt was what would you go back and tell your younger self...

and before you say "oh no you didn't!"

let me say yes I did! I busted out the

prom picture...LOL
This is the back
that's it...
today I'm grateful for:
1. scrappy time
2. hot chili for dinner on a cold day
3. The kids have been hanging out with me drawing while I type this
4. tomorrow is the last day of LOAD and while I've enjoyed it so much I'm kind of comforted that it's almost over

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

awwwww thanks!

I don't know how long this is going to work because we seem to be in the middle of a blizzard here and our power keeps flickering....

I've been so crazy busy with my trip and everything that I didn't get to post this until now... from my friend Dianna ...I like this award because for starters it the the first one anyone ever gave me..."YOU LIKE ME YOU REALLY LIKE ME!!" and when I gave it to Dianna she gave it back....I'm all about spreading the love....The award is for spreading love, support, and blogginess to those people and blogs that make you happy and in turn, make others want to spread some of that good stuff around too*!* You are to then go to leave them a comment letting them know that you left them a little tid bit on your blog. When you send it out~you could get it back more than once! (if you're just that awesome)...

and then Maria, threw me some bloggy love as well with this...

The rules:By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want-even those that have received it already, but please award at least 10 people.

so I have some friends I'd like to share both of these with...

Leslie (because she seemed to miss it the first time)

Stephanie (the crockpot Lady...because there is soooo much to love about her)

Michele (wait until you see this woman's cardtastic talents)

Dianna (because love spreading goes both ways)

Christi (of course)

Carolyn (I think she's so cool)

and my sister in spirit Stephanie who left me to live on an island in Japan and hardly ever blogs but I really really miss you!!!.

It's so nice to be able to do this, because work was really, well, crappy today...

I did weigh myself expecting that I had probably gained every last of the 6 pounds I lost since 1 Jan after the weekend but...I didn't!! I've kind of maintained but I've lost 1 I am now at 131...which isn't too terrible...only 11 more to go!!

let's play a little game that Lain started the other day called "tag! what are you doing right now?"

right now Cocoa my very small but thinks she's a total badass puppy is standing at the door growling at...the weather... and she really is all fired up about it

right now American Idol is on while I sit here talking to you drinking hot tea with just a little bit of organic skim milk....and real sugar...shhhhh...and if you haven't tried organic milk by the way, the taste is incredible it's worth the extra dollar and I'm not really a milk it lasts like forever...go figure that when the take out all the additives, perservatives, hormones, etc, etc it actually stays fresh longer....

right now my boys are upstairs playing xbox live waiting for Rob to finish watching the news so we can play Buzz (for PS2) this is a really fun family game by the way...

What R U doing right now???

2 more days of the LOAD! Here's Todays!

and just now I'm realizing I didn't really give it a title...hmmm

Grateful for:

1. I got to take an hour nap after I picked up the kids today, I have a sore throat and I didn't sleep last night....I really love naps...

2. hot tea

3. frosted mini wheats

4. wonderful smelling candles

5. the two really sweet awards I recieved...thanks guys!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Countdown to VDay Project !!NUMBER 4!!

"Spread All the Love You Can with the World's Smallest Valentines!!!"
For those of you that are new I am hosting Lain's Monday projects while she is busy with the LOAD challenge over at BPS. For those of you that aren't, Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll participate! This is actually my last week hosting for Lain, however I would like to continue to post weekly projects/challenges (but they will probably all be different, ie layouts, altered art, minibooks, etc) here with a prize, because well, it's just so much dang fun...I will be changing the day though, (probably Fridays) so I hope you'll keep coming back. OK wow...back to the show!

"Spread All the Love You Can with the World's Smallest Valentines"
or (The 14 days of Valentine's Day Daily Valentine Love Fest!)

What you need to make 14 of the cutest little cardlets ever:
Paper trimmer
2 pieces of cardstock 12x12
1 piece of pattern paper 12x12
Another piece of cardstock 12x12
The top 3 should coordinate...or not depending on your mood
Valentine Stamps (I used Doodlebug Clear Stamps)
scallop punch (I used my Marvy Giga)
square punch ( I used my Creative Memories 1 1/2)
Heat Embosser thingie
Black Embossing Powder
Now I wanted to try heat embossing (this is a lot of work and by no means something you must do, remember the key to these projects is low stress so if you want to- just stamp them, or you can just use stickers or whatever you want to do)
Let's Go:
1. I like to do things in steps to make them easier so first trim and punch all your paper.
A. Cut 14 3x3 squares out of your 2 pieces of Cardstock of same color
B. Scallop punch 14 perfectly cute scallopy squares out of your pattern paper
C. Punch 14 more squares out of you coordinating cardstock, (this is where your
going to be stamping)
All that punching probably made your hands hurt, so you should go have a cup of coffee...

2. Next, your are going to nest ( I like that word better than layer) your scalloped square on top of your 3x3 cardstock square and then your 1 1/2 punched square on top of that of course use adhesive....repeat 13 more times
like so...
3. Using Versamark stamp your image on the top square, sprinkle with black embossing powder and heat with heat embosser...

and repeat 13 more times again...and that's it!
oh but wait, THERE's MORE...since I was working on Valentine's I decided to make Lanon's class Valentine's this year using basically all the same this week you get a

Bonus Project!!
Bodacious Bookmarks...this used basically the same principals except there are only 2 layers, measurements are 2x6 and 1 1/2x 5, and poke a hole and tie a ribbon. These are also fine to use as your entry if you choose....

My goal with this project is to slip Rob and the Boys a little Valentine every day in their lunch box, or home ework, or in the Xbox..LOL.. with a little message written on the back everyday from February 1-14...I thought on some days I'd tape a little treat to the back too. Doesn't it sound so cute!! You know what to do, create some love to spread around in any way inspired by this project and then link your project in the comments here and I will draw a name on Sunday...

This weeks winner was....MELISSA!! send me your address by email for some scappy love!!Sorry I don't have pics of the drawing this week, I did it at midnight last night...and well... I forgot to take them...LOL...
I have been keeping up with LOAD, although I haven't been keeping up with posting them lets see




This is the front and back of my card for the "Deck of Me" challenge being hosted my my bloggie friend Dianna, challenge for this week was to describe yourself in 3 words, no titles (ie mom, wife etc) you can see I needed a little help...

Today I'm grateful for

1. Having the day off

2. Still in my PJ's at 10:30 am

3. Dinner is in the crockpot already!!

4. The long hot bath I am about to take...ahhhhh

5. a fun new project I'm going to try...more on that later!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a super great day!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Home Again


I haven't drawn a winner for the Monday Project...sorry I will do that and post tomorrow with tomorrows project...sorry

I've been gone for 3 days and while Rob did an excellent job as always taking care of everyone here, I have some catching up to time style

So thanks for stopping by and please come back tomorrow, say noonish for the new VDay Project and to see if you've won if you participated...I hope you guys all love it!!

In the meantime here are some pictures from our weekend. We had such an amazing time!

the view from the dining room

Leslie working on her NASCAR album

Leslie and I in our Dickey Bub tshirts

Les and I all packed up to go....luggage carts were a pretty hot commodity as I'm sure you can guess....
Oh and I can't believe I almost forgot...they needed instructors for a "crafty womens weekend" they're holding in April and I'm going to teach!! I'm so excited!
I am so grateful for
1. a wonderful weekend
2. scrapbookers and this bond that we all seem to share
3. Rob cleaning the house and taking such good care of everything at home
4. the massage I got this am
5. the feeling of coming home

Friday, January 25, 2008

Amy and Leslie's adventure...Day 1

We left around 9, we were just too exicted to wait and even though the crop didn't actually start until 4 and it's only 2 hours away...we left anyway

we stopped for breakfast in Kimmiswick at The Blue Owl

this is in the car while we were waiting for them to open...
This is Leslie posing with her biscuit...I'm pretty sure I've never seen a biscuit this big...and let me tell you it was soooo good especially after Leslie was done with it and I slathered some of their homemade apple butter on it... Breakfast was awesome...the place is so cute, and everyone is so nice, serivce is great and the food is amazing!!!

Paula Deen was there with her sons in September...PAULA DEEN!!!

and HOLY MILE HIGH PIES!!! Will you look at these...!!

their bakery is amazing look at these beautiful cookies...almost too pretty to eat!!!

I bet Christi would have used this for a Creative Prompt!!

After breakfast we stopped in what I think was Peevley or just outside at a winery...I can't think of the name right now, and the bottle I bought is out in the car...sorry...

Then we pulled into Potosi, our destination...well with a store with a name like this we had to stop and take a picture

and of course we also had to buy the tshirts...
This is our crop space....

This is our room...

well sort of...

and this is the view from our crop table..

this is the first Layout I completed which will be my LOAD for today...
thanks for stopping by, I hope to be back tomorrow with more pictures!! Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday Night!!
I probably won't get to blog read tonight, but hope to catch up tomorrow..!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Do you think this is enough?

Paper for my weekend crop?

bags to fill up Leslie's car...? These are just mine...LOL

I am so excited! I can't wait!
and in true scrapper form here are
the clothes I have packed--a fantabulous array of pajamas and lounge wear!

and snacks...chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate...

and this is where I will be spending the weekend....!!!

I will be around -with pictures the next few days but for now I have to go get some things done around the house, and watch a movie with Rob and the kids!
Today I'm grateful for:
1. Getting packed for my trip tomorrow
2. Having the kids ready for a fun weekend with their Dad
3. laundry is done...!!
4. talking to steph today (in Japan)
5. Having my laptop so I can stay connected over the weekend..I don't know what I would do without wifi..
thanks for stopping by! Have a great night!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Day in Pictures

This morning after dropping the boys off at school I met my friends Leslie and Dawn here...
This is Leslie...
Which happens to be inside our new Target...I resisted the urge to spend $100 on stuff I don't need, which is what usually happens there...That is Leslie above, Dawn wasn't there yet. At which time they both informed me that they "don't really drink coffee"....WTH!!!! Had they answered this question on my friendship application I may have had to turn them down, I mean who ever heard of such a crazy thing...(just kidding really..)

I don't drive in the city (the city being St Louis) if I can help it, the highways are crazy here and people drive like maniacs (at least to me they do, because the highway is kind of scary...don't tell, okay? ) it makes me all sweaty and Thank Goodness Dawn volunteered to drive.

First we went to For Keeps Sake, this is a really great store in South County that is in the process of becoming even bigger. I love my LSS, but it's nice to go to other places too, they had a lot of stuff there that I haven't seen in the stores around here...

Leslie was very excited about the whole section they had for firemen...she's married to one...and no, don't get any ideas, you can't have him. I swear we were walking around the store squeaking over all the great stuff...especially all the monkey stuff...Les is crazy over and Les that is, not Dawn she's not really a squeaker.. and I was so over my head about the "Creative Cafe" I had heard of these but have never seen one....

I really want to come back for a crop, I hope to sometime soon so I can play with all the stuff in the cafe...It makes my heart beat faster just thinking about it..

Next we went to a store called RED LEAD about 25 minutes away in West County...

OH MY HOLY SWEATY DANIEL DAY LEWIS (in The Last of the Mohicans!)

I'm so sorry if you don't live here and can't go to this is Utopia, I'm pretty sure I heard angels singing when I walked in the door and the co-owner (it's owned by 2 sisters was soooo cool) I can't wait to go back! I might have to quit my job so I can take classes!

First here's Dawn, (she didn't really want me to take a picture) but can you see that paper back there hanging ON THE WALL!!! They have all these vintagey prints it's sort of wrapping paper but so much more! and the stamps, did I mention the stamps?? they have their own designs...this place is like mixed media heaven....they have all this painted, decoupaged old furniture...

See all these cards on display...???? they are being held on CHICKEN WIRE!!! with CLOTHES PINS!!!! The Chicken Wire is mounted on an old rickety ladder I am so stealing this idea...that's not all...

These fun vintage images ready to decoupage are displayed on a rusty old mattress frame... and the images....I so want to learn the whole mixed media artsy thing...I have to take a class...

Are you looking at this...?? This just makes me want to go foraging right now at garage sales, thrift stores, antique shops...everywhere...old postage marked stamps, WATCH FACES!!!, little charms, antique swizzle sticks, vintage used greeting cards...oh my

These ladies found everything that makes you say "I so never would have thought that" and put it in a store...I can't wait to go back!!

Les again....

Of Course-- all this shopping made us hungry so we stopped off for lunch, I don't have any pics of that though because I was too busy eating...and we did stop off at Making Memories in Columbia but I didn't take any pics there either...

Our shopping excursion over...time to pick up the boys...

Landon first

Britain next...

and my LOAD Challenge for the Day! Got those tickets at Red Lead...

This layout also serves as my 30 minute Thursday Layout for Lain's Challenge and was inspired by Christy's Creative Prompt ( I think #22 or 23)...

Today I'm grateful for:
1. 1 more day until my crop weekend...!!!!
2. my awesome shopping trip today with my friends
3. Dawn driving...thanks Dawn!
4. Red Lead...what a great find!!
5. Getting my blogging done before 8pm, think this might be a first!

Oh and Red Lead's website has a store you can order from and a blog (with tutorials!!!), so you should go check it out!

Thanks everyone and have a great night!