Friday, January 1, 2010

Thanks for the Memories...

Supplies Used: Paper Basic Grey Nook and Pantry,
Stamps Unity Stamp Company Dec Store Kit and
Harlequin Background Stamp
2009 brought a lot of big changes in Casa Castellano!
In February, we moved from our home in Belleville, IL to Andrews AFB, MD.
Which isn't all that out of the ordinary by military standards, but a hard move for the boys and I because we got very attached to our home there.
I began homeschooling our two boys Britain now 14 and Landon 11 due to this move and I gave up working outside the home for a while.
I will be eternally grateful for the military family I have made here and how incredibly supportive they have been. While I'm not proud to say negativity got the better part of me for a couple months, (Metro DC can be a pretty big culture shock to a family that's spent most our military career in more suburban areas) I came around, and the kids have started to as well. Probaby about the time we're completely comfortable, it'll be time to move again...(she types with a big smile ;-) )
I started a book blog, wanting to share my love of books with as many people as would listen, which I enjoyed thouroghly, and I'd like to think that I generated some interest (however small) in authors that my readers may not have ever tried before. Unfortunately, I had to give it up for awhile when I had to start working full time again. I hope to get back to that again, just probably with less frequency than before..let's face it, keeping up with reading 4 or 5 books a week, while homeschooling, working full time and being crafty is enough to make anyones' head explode.
I was honored to be made a member of TWO DESIGN TEAMS!
Mandy and Emily have both been beyond amazing to work with and I hope to continue to do their products justice for as long as they will allow me to do so.
On the family front,
Rob got promoted to Chief Master Sergeant this year
(so in the end this move was fated, I believe)
he'll get to put it on in June and I'm so proud of him for achieving his career goal with the Air Force.
I watched my oldest son, Britain transform into a young man pretty much before my eyes.
His voice deepened, he's about 2 inches taller than me, and wears the same shoe size as his Dad.
and am watching my youngest son, Landon drive himself to distraction trying to catch up.
slow down...please
I am as excited to see what this New Year will bring us as I am nostalgic about the one that has passed.
Thanks so much for being a part of our story.


Christi Snow said...

Happy New Year! Beautiful post, beautiful card, and here's hoping for a Beautiful 2010! smiles...

Anonymous said...

It's been an honor having you on the Team.

Katrina said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. We do miss you in the mid-west, but glad that you have acclimated to the BIG CITY!. Keep up the great work so I can be inspired. I hope to do some scrapbooking this year. Congrats to Rob, and Hugs and Kisses to you all

judie said...

I think this is just stunning well done you xx

Lisa H. said...

love this one too! Happy New Year, Amy. it's been fun working with you and I look forward to more great things in 2010!

Casii said...

If you have any time in your new year to come to Frederick County or even a little trip to Lucketts, VA for fun, let me know!

Have a wonderful new year!

Jana said...

Such an elegant card.
It's your own fault those boys keep growing. You keep feeding them. DUH????
Congratulations on all of the wonderful accomplishments your family made in 2009. Here's wishing you a successful 2010.