Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rain or Shine...

Supplies Used:
All available at
Cardstock is PTI...
I swear using this stuff makes a huge difference in my stamped images especially in coloring them
I colored the image in using Martha Stewart markers and a SU Blending Pen
Guess What?
It's snowing again!
I actually ventured out of the house today, I've been doing work from home.
They haven't been letting anyone on the base except for base residents and essential personnel. Good thing I live here!
They opened the Commissary for just a little while and had the SP's there making sure no one got out of hand...
I actually saw fights breaking out over milk!
I took my friend Liz though, and we had fun.
I'm glad I did because the line took over an hour,
so it was nice having someone to chat with.
We were supposed to go shopping together so she could
help me pick out a dress for this big banquet we have coming up...
Well, I'm not getting to the mall in the foreseeable future so I ordered a dress online and we went grocery shopping instead!
Toilet Paper/ Cocktail Dresses
I'm sure you can see the correlation, right?
I love having a truck.
We share a belief that calories don't count when your snowed in.


Christi Snow said...

I like any philosophy that includes calories not counting...HEHE! I am glad that you got your toilet paper. Darling card! smiles...

Casii said...

So, tired of snow yet? LOL I promise this is highly unusual. Seems Mother Nature is showing off this year.

Great card!