Thursday, September 27, 2007

where is all that time I was going to make

I am at least getting the journaling done, which for me is an accomplishment…although I’m lacking in the creativity department mostly because of time these past few days…above is days 11, 12, and 13…but I’m telling myself that that is ok….
It doesn’t help that tv is getting great again…I have to admit I watched the Bionic Woman last night…and while it had some cheesy spots I really liked it…I love TV shows where a woman kicks butt…I can’t explain it… I just do…and the show after it.. Life.. was really good too and then tonight Grey’s Anatomy…yes I am a McGroupie…but really Alex Corev is my favorite character on the show…and after that Big Shots…which has Michael Vartan, formerly of Alias my other favorite butt kicking woman show which ended in 2005…how am I supposed to have time to create anything!! LOL…This is why my husband won’t let me have TIVO, I’d probably never leave the couch again…
I did make these though…I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with these band aid tins forever…I made a travel kit and a manicure kit….how stinkin’ cute is that??? I ask you!! this was so easy and cheap to do, I used scraps, the trial size isle at target and about 20 minutes each….

We’ve had a bit of a rough week with the boys…not horrible just regular boy stuff…boy goes to recess, boy decides he can’t make it to bathroom, boy decides to go behind a tree and pee on the playground ..boy gets suspended from school for one day (this would be 8 year old boy)….if you could see me right now you would see me shaking my head again…and then some drama with 12 year old boy, typical adolescent locker room behavior, having to talk to a mom about her boy (never easy) and a really great outcome which had everyone ending up on great terms…which is an amazing blessing….soooo
God Bless America…I am off tomorrow…and have so much to get done!! I recieved my order from 7 gypsies today…maybe I’ll get something created tomorrow…anyone want to go shopping?
love and kisses

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