Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day two of the Stamp o Day Giveaway!!

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KELLY, That's you!!!

Kelly just won Unity's Tea Cup Stamp!

Thanks for coming by and playing, I so enjoyed reading about all the things you are grateful for.

Today's giveaway is another Unity stamp. This one is a sentiment..."May Beauty Flow Through You"..
This one is kling mounted, meaning you can use it with any acrylic block. This card is based on sketch #19 from the creatively yours sketch blog.

Your challenge for today? Let's spread some love around...
Go visit 2 blogs you have never been to before and leave comments, then come back here and leave me a comment with links to those blogs. You have until tomorrow at 8pm. Can't wait to check out some new bloggers with you!!

I should have been making Christmas cards today, I'm in a swap and the deadline is Wed...I just can't seem to get going...I need to dedicate a day (or 10) to just finishing all the little projects that I've started around here...I am the queen of tomorrow...

1. Had such a nice quiet weekend
2. breakfast in bed
3. Enjoyed a trip to the mall today with a friend I hadn't seen in forever...(I know, I hate the mall...but she needed help picking out a suit for a job interview)
4. Those Brooke Shields Volkswagon commercials...they so crack me up
5. the boys have gotten along all's so nice when that happens!


Carolyn said...

I gotcha ya down for those cookies. LOL kidding! But if you were local I wouldn't be... LOL

Have a fabulous week this week, hope you catch up on those projects. I was just messing around at the scrappy table. I need that creative mojo to come back.

Kelly said...

YAY me! Thanks Amy!!

Anonymous said...

I visited

Sounds like you had a great weekend. :)

Angela said...

how generous of you! have fun with your card making - you make fantastic cards

Rene said...

I visited the following:


And, might I just say how sweet it is of you to do these giveaways!

Christi Snow said...

I don't want to comment on today's post because I don't want to be eligible for your drawings, but I love the cards that you have been creating!! Just gorgeous!

This Linkin Park song is my absolute favorite from the gives me chills just listening to it. My favorite quote has to be the one that you pulled from Twilight about "You dazzle me..." I've been re-reading the books (including Edward's version online) and that quote always catches my attention because of you. I CANNOT wait for the movie!