Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do you want to touch my monkeys????

supplies used:

Unity Stamp Co: Hey Chick, Giggle Grove, flirty flowers

Cosmo Cricket pattern paper

Well, What do you think? Veronica did an awesome job didn't she? I love my little coffee drinking cheeky monkeys!! If you're interested in doing business with her she is awesome to work with...go check out her blinkie down there on the left.
This is cool.....
I got an email from a woman who works for Eckert's who somehow stumbled upon my post here about them on Mother's Day. They are one of our favorite family places to go. It's a big family owned farm where you can pick whatever is in season, have a homecooked meal in their resturaunt (with fried biscuits and homemade applebutter YUMMY), walk around their market, they have their own wine AND everything and pet some goats AND get your Christmas Tree... Anyway, she thanked me for mentioning them and sent me two tickets for free breakfast with Santa AND a $5 gift card for their market! How awesome is that? Free Food!! So if you're ever in the Greater St Louis area go check them out!
Now the news!! To celebrate my new look I'm giving stuff away!!! Starting Saturday Nov 8th (because I have to work thursday and friday and I think by then Rob will be at least walking around) I will be having a giveaway a day for 7 days...That's right 7 days....I have some Unity Stamps on their way to me looking for a new home and a few other things as'll just have to stay tuned and wait and see!!! I'm going to do my best to make it fun and I hope you'll enjoy playing along!!!

Next, the pictures!!

They must not do a lot of surgeries on Scrapbookers...The Nurse Anesthesist kept shaking his head and laughing at me because I kept snapping pictures. Then he grabbed the camera from me and took one of the two of us. He said in 20 years he never had anyone take pictures. Sorry-- but you're not getting the rear view. Rob doesn't look this happy today. He's pretty miserable, but he's fine! Thanks for all your well wishes!!

I have one more card for you...This one is inspired by Amber's sketch. She gives us a sketch to work with on Monday's over at Splitcoast here. She also just had ankle surgery so stop by her blog and wish her well if you get a chance.

Supplies used: Unity Stamp Company August KOM, Hampton Arts (Sentiment) ;Cosmo Cricket Pattern Paper


1.Rob made it through the surgery great!

2. The boys have been so helpful

3. Cocoa was returned to us yesterday...she ran away a few weeks ago and we thought she was lost forever

4. Being able to take a few days off to take care of Rob

5. Coffeemate makes Tiramisu flavored have to try this stuff

6. LOOK AT MY STINKING CUTE MONKEYS!!! and check this guy out below....

I have to get around and catch up with everyone's blogs...that's on my agenda for today..don't forget to stop back by for the giveaways!!!


Christi Snow said...

So many "YAY's" here!!! I LOVE the new blog and the music is just rocking the theme...LOVE IT ALL!!!

I am so glad that Rob's surgery went well...hopefully, he has a super-fast recovery and is feeling MUCH better REALLY SOON!!!

And OMG...YAY that Cocoa is back!!! Whew! What a relief!!! Does she seem traumatized at all by her escape?

LOVE that card too!!!

Kitty said...

Well you already know I have such a soft spot for monkeys! The new design is fabulous - I love it.

Good to hear that your man has come through his surgery and is on the mend.


jacque said...

Glad to hear that Rob's surgery went OK, hope his recovery is fast. Enjoyed getting to meet you & look forward to seeing you again when I come back that way, so you'll have to stay in that area a little longer!

Kelly said...

I love your blog's new look! It's adorable!!

I was cracking up yesterday when you said you had to prop Rob's "boys" up. Hope he's feeling better soon. Ouch.

Great news about Cocoa too!

Giveaways---woohoo! You rock girl!

Kylie w Warszawie said...

Your monkeys are super cute! Love the new look!

Good to hear that Rob is doing fine!

Kellan said...

Love your monkeys - love the new look! So glad the surgery went well and all is going so good! Saw where you went to see Kelly and Dianna and went to the concert - you lucky girls!

Take care - Kellan

Angela said...

Great new look, love it its so fun. My blog gets a facelift shortly but it won't be this grand.

Free tickets! wow! hope you enjoy your breakfast.

Brilliant cards, and hope Rob's feeling great soon.

Angel Gurl said...

I laughed at the title for the blog post, and wondered what monkeys you meant until I clicked on the post. Cute monkeys BTW and a very nice makeover. Cute card. Can't undertsand why Rob didn't want his photo taken of his rear view lol. Wishing him a super speedy recovery. Enjoy those tickets. I am pleased to hear your cocoa has been returned home safe and sound.