Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi There!

This card is for this weeks Mojo Monday Sketch #77!!
Lots of great sketches there and they get huge participation so lots of great inspiration as well!!

Supplies Used: Unity Stamps Mix up of Cuteness and Feb KOM

Paper is Sassafrass Lass

These are the cupcakes Landon made ( with very little assistance from me)


He Called them "Fishbowl Frenzy"

And these are Britain's cookies

Mudslide Madness


Is it me, or do you think maybe they watch a little too much Monday Night Football?


The Art and Science Fair went really well

all of the kids did an awesome job!

I am really starting to enjoy homeschooling, it gives me a sense of presence in their lives that I didn't have before.

I think this picture is hilarious because Landon is eating one of his own cupcakes, and one of Britain's cookies is on his plate...because a certain "mean mom"


wouldn't let them enjoy the fruits of their labor until we got there

Britain wanted to make sure we had a picture of the fact that his cookies disappeared before Landon's cupcakes.

Something about "photographic proof for the sake of the future generations"

I swear he's a 30 year old in a 13 year olds' body.

Have a great rest of your day!!


Angela Toucan said...

great cookery class Amy! you make a good teacher - tell teh boys they look magnificane.
Great card.

Kitty said...

Awww, your boys did great! I bet they had a great sense of achievement. So pleased you're enjoying the home schooling. x

Anonymous said...

Your card is so cute!

Looks like the kids had a fabulous time and what fabulous bakers they are....yummy!!


Threebusybs said...


I am a wanna be homeschool mom. When and how did you decided to homeschool?


Casii said...

Wow, I'll take one of each please! Love the card too. That Sassafrass paper is a fave of mine.

dianna said...

I don't know your boys...but darn it I sure do love 'em!!!
AWESOME job on your card and delicious job on the sweets your sweeties

Scrapacat said...

I am so impressed! What great boys you have. I know you'll really appreciate homeschooling (and so will they) the more you do it. I've missed you on hip hop!

Michelle said...

LOL! This is so funny! They both looked awesome and I'd have had a tough time choosing! Very impressive on the ideas too! Congrats!!

Lucy Filet said...

Those cupcakes are AWESOME! The cookies are so cool too! Very artistic boys you have there:)!

And I really enjoyed homeschooling too. I actually thought I was going to have to homeschool my two little ones for a few days there when the preschool wouldn't let the older one back in. But then today, after I was all prepared for a fight, she said, "Thank you very much for the doctor's note. That's all I needed."

My name is Kylie and I leave ridiculously long comments on other people's blogs that have nothing to do with their posts.

You're welcome.

Kelly said...

Your boys crack me up. They did awesome on their treats. Maybe it's time they started cooking you dinner. Hmmm a math and science lesson and you don't have to cook. LOL

Jeanne said...

OMG I totally love those cupcakes! They are the cutest dang things! hehe made my day.

Unknown said...

OMG if those weren't the cutest cupcakes and the ummiest looking cookies I have ever seen. Bet they tasted great. Your doing a great job home schooling. Who would have thought that all that talent lives in one house.

Bev said...

Such a cute card - love the colours