Monday, March 9, 2009

Sorry George...

We went to Mt Vernon on Saturday...

I had this plan...

I have a picture of Britain's hand on the bannister of Abraham Lincoln's house in Springfield, IL

It's the only thing in the house that you're allowed to touch that was also touched by Abraham Lincoln...and I want to point out ARE ALLOWED to take pictures in Abe's house...

ok so...

I had this plan

I wanted to get a picture of Landon's hand on the bannister at George Washington's house...
all day we're taking pictures (which are allowed) but then we get to the house

and ok there's a crowd of like 75 people or more and you just kind of mill in on an every 30 minute basis...but it basically just constantly revolved

so somehow we all missed the

"No photos allowed in the house briefing"

I only wanted a picture of the bannister

So, coming up the steps I position my shot


grabs me by the arm and yells at me in the middle of this crowd of people

"We don't take pictures in here!!"
I apologize profusely...and say I didn't know
He says

"I don't belive you!!
you need to put your camera away or we'll have to remove it from you"

A little bewildered...and embarassed

I tuck the camera into my purse.

I pull off to the side of the crowd with Landon, waiting for Rob and Britain to catch up.

I kind of peek up and over the bannister to look for them

It's tall and I am short

"You can't hang on the bannister Ma'am, Just what do you think you're looking for???"
"um I wasn't sir, I'm waiting for my husband"
"Well we can't have you waiting here you need to move along! You better have that camera put away!!"
I guess I'm lucky he didn't have the cops waiting to take me away...
he made me feel like some kind of criminal.
The crazy thing is that between Rob, me and the boys..none of us remember anyone saying you can't take pictures in the house. It would have been totally fine if someone had just politely pointed it out, or maybe let us know anywhere along the way.
Besides CRAZY TOUR GUIDE MAN we had a nice day.
I think they should give the tour guide jobs to NEXTEL, like in the commercials.
I bet they'd be a lot nicer.
Sorry George,
I just wanted a picture of your bannister.


Mandy said...


Lucy Filet said...

I'm so sorry. I have days like that ALL THE TIME here. But I'm really sensitive (or wussy) and something like that can ruin my day.

So I'm glad you didn't let it ruin your day!

Christi said...

okay, seriously?!?! I KNOW that I have photos from inside that I am going to have to go find those files to prove it. You have great photos from that day regardless...I saw them on FB...

And I agree with Kylie, I am glad that you didn't let it ruin your day... smiles!

Christi said...

ooops, photos! ;o)

Kelly said...

LOL, like I'm so sure you were going to start swinging from the bannister. That guy would have ticked me off.

I enjoyed all your pics on facebook, looks like a great day in spite of crazy tour guide!

Anonymous said...

lol what made me laugh was the Cops theme song playing in the
background as I was reading this post. SO I guess he told you, but he sounded over the top if you ask me. Personally I think screaming at someone doesn't achieve a lot for the tourist market.

Threebusybs said...

rude people suck. I am so sorry. I would be embarrassed too. Especially that it was an honest mistake.

PS: love the song. great attention to detail.


dianna said...

Abraham Lincoln is more awesomer than old Georgie boy anyway! Amy, you should go chop down a cherry tree and whack Crazy Tour Guide Man upside the head with it!!!

Scrapacat said...

OMG. I used to be a tour guide. You know people can't absorb everything, and know to just politely ask them to refrain. HOW RUDE!! Doesn't he know he can't be mean to my friends??!!


Michelle said...

WOW! What an experience! The things we scrappers will do for the perfect photo! At least you tried!