Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coming Soon to a Craft Store near you...Ready for EAD LOVE

Supplies Used:
Supplies Used:
If they're not already there!!
I got mine at Hobby Lobby,
but I'm starting to see them pop up at other stores as well,
make sure you ask your local retailers!
when you go to the link, scroll through the pages,
they also carry the mini light strings to put inside.
The photos don't turn out that well when you have the lights inside them,
but they make the most beautiful, unique gifts!!
Why am I telling you about Hobby Lobby on an
has a huge inventory of
to fit anyone, or any decor
especially designed
to slap on these babies
for a very low price!!
If you buy a
"With a Cherry On Top"
You get a
$10 Gift Certificate to
$10 Store Credit to
Lindsay's Digi Stamp Blog
What could be better than
papercrafting happiness,
Free Digi Stamps..??
If you figure it out...let me know
If you get time go check out our customer
today, she's got some Beeez Kneeez love happening over there
only 1 bundle kit left!!
Thanks so much for stopping by to see me today!!


StampinCathy said...

Love love love the projects. What a great gift this would make.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Amy these turned out SO CUTE.
I LOVE the sentiments block.

kmassman said...

Love those block!! Fun!

dining room furniture said...

I like the sentiments block! Adorable!

Vel said...

Oh wow, just wow!