Monday, July 12, 2010


Hey There Everyone!!
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So for my project today I was inspired by
these ladies
These chicks make me want to go out and buy power tools
and paint everything pink
So I went to our local hardware store and bought a 2x4 for like $2
and it just so happens that our hardward store has a
(that's a guys name not a power tool)
Since I've been there quite a bit, talking to Lance,
he taught me how to use our water softener,
fix our screen doors, work the topsy turvy tomato plant etc
he kind of gets this scared look when I walk in now
anyway, I asked him if he could recommend
an inexpensive saw that I could cut the 2x4 up with
He literally had horror written all over his face
and then he said "pick it up on Friday"
So...get yourself a saw or get yourself a Lance
Unless you know how or have a husband who does this kind of stuff...
My HUSBAND does not
I love him and he is REALLY HOT
but he doesn't saw stuff
I'm sure the
are probably hanging their heads in shame right now

Look how cute it turned out!!
Sorry, I just can't believe I tried something and

This project took literally pennies to make and think of all the gifts you could make!!
I used
for the words
This is a NEW FONT which will be available starting today!!
I love how easy it is to work with
They don't break apart and They're already sticky
so you just STICK and Rub
Paper is October Afternoon and Cosmo Cricket and the Ribbon is Offray
I also want to show you a before and after pick of our stairwell

This is the EAD WEEKLY STEAL From last week
You can't get it anymore, sorry charlie

But there is a new

and if you click above you can get one before it's gone!!

Off you go to check out


de said...

OMG Amy, this is fantabulous! Amazing idea, and your execution is beyond AMAZING!

I'm gonna have to try this... maybe I can find me a Lance too! :-)

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

What a great Project Amy!!!!

Stephanie Zito said...

Wow! Fabulous project Amy!!! Good for you for getting a saw and being so independent! I wish my local hardware store had a Lance LOL! LOVE you new vinyl in your staircase!

Anonymous said...

I want a Lance , I have a saw but i could always use a Lance...LOL
The trees looks so cute and your blocks are AMAZING

Raechelle Bellus said...

wowzers, are these ever cute!!! What an awesome idea! Love them! The tree's also look super!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I LOOOOOOOOOVE where you placed those trees! HOW Cute:) Never would have thought of placing things in place like that--note to self:)

And those stacked boxes--beautiful! Must try that too:) Great job!

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

Amy, these are fabulous! Love those trees, very nice. Happy Monday!

Court said...

cute cute cute! love it!

Michelle Annat said...

Awesome!! They turned out great!!

Unknown said...

Wow, a woman with a saw in out boys! This is such a fabulous project Amy...I am so go girl! Are you putting this where everyone can see it? And your stairwell walls look awesome...oh my are good! Love your creativity!

shari said...

What a great project, 2x4's amazing. The font is really nice. Shari (cricutrookiea)

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Brilliant! What an amazing lil project! I adore it! and I love what you did with the corner of your stairs! How pretty and adds so much! Love that idea! My hubs likes it too and wants me to start decorating, LOL!
Thanks for the inspiration :)
hugs, margie

Angela said...

Your projects are always a joy to see! Love the blocks, and love that you have a Lance! :) We all need one of those! :) Cute stairway!

Alison@howdoesshe said...

AHHH I Love this!!! I love the paper and the button and ribbon and the font and the...everything!!! SUper cute. Thanks for linking. Oh ya don't paint everything pink...just buy a bunch of power tools:)
You are fun. I'm putting you in my google reader!

Valerie G said...

Love the blocks, and those trees are so cute. I'm glad I picked some up to

~amy~ said... your project sista!!!!!! The trees are sooo fun too!!

Ryann said...

Oh Amy I love what you've done here! The blocks are SO cool!! I think I *need* those trees now!

Jenn said...

HAHA, does every store have a lance?

Great project!