Friday, September 21, 2007


I’m really kind of proud of myself for sticking with the journal challenge for 7 days…and it really has been life changing…in small ways everyday it has changed the way I think about well everything…Thanks Rhonna!!…instead of thinking “someday” I’m now thinking “today”…here is my day 7
In other news, my recently turned 12 year old got invited to a girl’s birthday party tomorrow…something about this invitation “feels” different…not bad different just “omigosh I have an almost teenager” different…you know? it’s from 5-10 and I’m picking up one of his friends to go with him…so here I am… wanting to let him go and excited for him but also not wanting him to go, because I am so not ready for this…but it’s not about me I know that so I will take him ….and know that we have watched him grow up a little more which makes me weepy and sappy and I don’t even know why…
want to see something else that’s going to make you weepy and sappy….go watch this and don’t turn it off until the little girl sings I promise you, you won’t be disappointed….it is such an overwhelming example of the innocence that is still present in this world ….and well wow just watch it

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