Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not a Mall Person

We all had no specific place we had to be today, a rarity in this family. It was a rainy day though so we couldn’t really do anything outside. I thought bowling might be a good idea, but one of my patient’s knocked me on my butt yesterday which landed me at the Urgicare and my back was still pretty sore (this is a long story) sooooo we decided to go out and shop. First we went to Kohl’s I love Kohl’s, great clothes, great sales what’s not to like? Rob, my hubby, got some much much needed new clothes. Did I say much needed? Then we went to Circuit City to get Britain’s Birthday present he hasn’t gotten it yet btw, he’ll be 12 on the 18th, and omigosh whenever I have to say that out loud I actually get butterflies. Anyway so far so good we’re enjoying the day together and having fun…then (there would be melodramatic music here if I knew how to do that) we went to the mall.
I know there are people out there that have been born with the “mall” gene, they live at the mall, eat in the food court, know all the employees and can maneuver their way around in the dark if they had to but I am not one of these people. Apparently though, my brain seems to forget this about every 6 months or so and I go just because and it takes me several days to recover from the overstimulation. I like people, but crowds make me very nervous. We actually walked into the mall over to the food court, which was completely overflowing, to get there we had to maneuver through a group of about 15 screaming 9 year old girls with pink hair and there was actually a line to use the men’s room….and I can’t be sure but I really think that the bears in the build-a-bear workshop were pointing at me and laughing…..whew! we got out of there fast…with Britain staring at us open mouthed going “what?” ” you guys are so old!”
what is so horrifying is that I am sure by Christmas I will have a reason to have to go there again and will most assuredly have to repeat this whole process……oh crap!…is that a hive??
I hope to do something creative tomorrow right now all my synapses are misfiring….

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