Sunday, September 16, 2007


Here is the cover to my journal and Day 2…I am so enjoying this!!
Today we spent most of the day having Britain’s birthday party at Dave and Buster’s. I can’t belive he’s going to be 12 on Tuesday. ok enough of that I’ve been tearing up all day…his big present was a little handheld camcorder that I got here…he’s been playing with it since we got home and it is really cool and perfect since it wasn’t terribly expensive so if they end up dropping it somewhere I’ll be mad but I won’t give birth to a large farm animal… anyway we’ve spent the last several hours watching my mini director’s epic short films…when we get it all figured out I’ll have to post one…they’re pretty funny..right now they’re in their underwear and bush hats hunting in the kitchen with nerf guns and singing “in the jungle” so I just don’t have the heart to make them go to bed yet…
here’s a couple pics from the party…yes I made him open underwear in front of his friends…a mom has got to have some fun too right?

Hope everyone is having as much fun with the journal as I am…take care and god bless
until tomorrow…

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