Monday, January 21, 2008

Drum Roll Please.....Countdown to Valentine's Day Project #3!!

Coolest Mom (or sister, or grandma, or wife or friend or husband or whatever you are) on the Block it's a great day in the morning door hangers!!!!


1 empty Crystal Light canister or similiar container to recycle

2 12x12 pieces of paper ( I used my last year Karen Foster Calendar pad 1 piece of pp and 1 piece of solid)

paper trimmer ( I use my fiskars)

Adhesive ( I used my fiskars tape runner-- does anyone know if these are refillable, I'm loving it??.... and my Xyron 900 love this too)

Letter Stickers ( I used American Craft Remarks)

Hole punch ( I used the Crop A gotta have one of these if you don't already)

Piece of ribbon

Scallop punch or other circle cutter for lid

Let's do it:

1. Peel off your label ( mine left some scraps behind, but I left them because I'm just not that technical and your going to cover it all up anyway)

2. Trim your paper (if you're using a CL container or the Walmart version of the same these measure approx 5.75 high and I just used the whole 12 inches to wrap and let them overlap)Cut the solid about an inch narrower than your pattern paper.

notice my new manicure..I can never seem to keep my hands nice since they are either in bleach or crafting... so whenever I have an event to go to I go get acrylics...again...

3. Using your adhesive stick your solid to your pattern paper.

4. Apply adhesive to the back of your pattern paper/solid paper combo and then stick the whole thing on your canister.

5. Using you Crop A Dile or other hole punch, punch holes in both side and thread your ribbon through.
please pretend that you can't see what a mess my desk is....

6. Using a Scallop punch (or whatever means necessary) punch or cut a circle to cover the lid.

7. Spell out a cute message for a label with your letter stickers!!

Admire yourself for your superskills!! You ARE Done!!!!

Some ideas for fillers: I have boys so I am going to fill these with their favorite candies, some Burger King coupons and a gift card for GameStop and I'm going to hang them on their bedroom doors for them to wake up and see Valentine's morning. The possibilities are endless! I was thinking Starbuck's Gift Card and Chocolate for a friend, or some scrapbooking embellishments, pens and pencils and other supplies for a teacher maybe...I can't wait to see what you guys do with this one!!
You know the drill. Complete a project inspired by this one, it does not have to be the same, just slap something together make it cute and lay it on me with a comment here linking me to your project.

Thanks so much again to Lain for allowing me to host these projects while she's busy over at BPS with the LOAD!! I can't believe there are over 15,000 layouts posted there!!!

I have some exciting news, My LSS The Scrapbook Factory had an open call for their Design Team on Friday and guess what??? I'm on it!!! I am so excited about this! It's the first time anything like this has happened to me!! My "Lucky" Layout posted yesterday was the first thing I've done for them and I have a new Vday kit sitting here for me to play with as well. Basically you get new product to play with and they create a kit out of what you make, and for compensation you get store credit....HOLEY HONEY BUNCHES OF OATS BATMAN!!

Here is my LOAD for today...another design using the "Lucky" paper from Imaginese for The Scrapbook Factory

I alread had it in the plastic sleeve, so sorry for the glare...

We are off to the movies, Rob and the boys are seeing "Cloverfield" and I'm going to see "27 Dresses" Love it when both movies start at the same time!
Today I am grateful for:
1. Making the DT for The Scrapbook Factory!!
2. Having a day off that all 4 of us get to hang out
3. Getting to go out with Rob for a little while this morning shopping
4. Hot CoCoa on a cold cold day
5.getting to see a girl movie...even if it is by myself...LOL
Hope everyone has a great day and I WILL be back tomorrow...promise...sometimes all these balls I have flying around in the air fall down on my head at once!
Hugs and Kisses


Lucy Filet said...

CONGRATS on the DT! How cool is that??? AND it was the LO I loved, I guess I have good taste;).

I could SO do that VDAY project (except for the not having a crop a dile). DH has a Crystal Light fetish so we always have tons that we bring back every time we go to the States.

Hope you enjoy the movie!

Treighsie said...

That's great about the DT!
And I really like your project!

Lisa said...

I finished this project in a flash. I had just used the last of the lemonade in the container. Great idea!

see my entry at:

Lester R.N. said...

I knew you would make the design team! Your layout kit turned out so cute! I had a nice family day today also! Only 3 days to the retreat!! I'll call ya tomorrow!

Kellan said...

Such a cute Valentine's Day project (or any day)! And, congrats on the DT - cute layout!

Nice to see you Amy - you are obviously very busy and I appreciate you stopping by. Hope to see you soon. Kellan

Michele Kovack said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! So well deserved! Hugs to you! Hey, let me know how that Cloverfield is, kind of wanted to see that!

Maria said...

Great idea for Valentines! You are so funny about your hands. Also, I want to see that movie too! How was it?

dianna said...

Holy Marvelous Manicure Batman*!*
Congrats on the design team!!!
{tee hee}

Kitty said...

Hi - thank you for visiting my blog. I've had a lovely time reading through some of yours, and looking at your pictures. I see you are another crafty blogger!

Those hangers are lovely - what a good idea! :-)

Melissa said...

I totally love the hanger!! I'm going to get busy on one of these!! :)

lv2scpbk said...

I seen the movie "27 Dresses" and really liked it. How did you like it?

dianna said...

Check my blog Lady*!*

p said...

congrats for the dt.
cool v day project. -all about the mini album
my blog - Crazy bout mini albums :)

Christi said...

whooohooo, Amy!!! congratulations, girly!!!

Lain said...

So cute! Thanks for doing this! And congrats on the DT... wahoo!

RobinDiane said...

Here is my project:

Dawn said...

I think I am just making the deadline on this. It is 11:35 pm central time. See my entry on my blog:

Angela Toucan said...

Just found your blog today, you look very busy!

This project looks like lots of fun. I might look for some suitable containers for the kids to decorate during the school holiday next week