Sunday, January 6, 2008

On Gratitude

Well, this little doodle for one. You can find it and many more like it at Homegrown Hospitality, if you haven't gone to this blog before you should, Stephanie has so many things to inspire you there. Including a whole gallery of RAK doodles.

2. I stayed in my pajamas today until 3pm at which time I took a shower to put on clean ones...I love Lazy Sundays...

3.During this time I was able to get a lot of creating done, which is always good for the soul
4. Leftovers, as in spaghetti, which I cooked last night as lean as I could make it with enough left over for today!

5. All the laundry is done, the house is clean, homework is done and we're ready for a new week
Here's a couple of the things I made today

This is the front and back of my first card for the "Deck of Me" challenge that Dianna is hosting at Flickr. The First weeks prompt was "Goals for 2008"

and here is my LOAD #6 for Lain's challenge at BPS

I got the Monday project done that I'm hosting for Lain but you'll have to come back to see it tomorrow.
If your old enough to be computer literate kids are driving you nuts, send them to Lego where there's all kinds of fun stuff to do. Including making their own digital Lego creations.
If you haven't heard of this yet check it out: Sheetload of Cards
This is too cool- an ezine that is basically a card recipe for multiple cards. I so can't wait to have some time to play with this...maybe tonight...
Like fun little bits of useful projects and information? Head on over to the Tipjunkie
I feel like I should maybe clarify my Random Fact #7, lest you think I walk about in a Ghostbuster suit with a metal detector. LOL. I find the paranormal very interesting, I don't necessarily believe in all of it, ( a lot I know is trickery), but I still think it's interesting- in a Harry Potter kind of way. I do though, believe that there are angels among us. I just do.
I start a new job tomorrow, I'm not quitting the old one so this makes 3 jobs for me. None of them are full time though, Rob has a really screwy schedule so I have to pick my hours around the kids schedules. So I work per diem, which means as needed. Basically I fill in schedule gaps. Make sense? So sometimes there's lots of hours available and sometimes none, so that's why I need backups, someone always has hours.
I ordered some Scallop punches today from Joann's, thanks for the tip Christi. Which puts me at the end of my scrap budget for the month already and it's only the 6th. I'm really going to have to learn how to stretch it out. I have several things on their way to me though, and I can't wait until they get here so I can show them to you!
That's all I've got for tonight, stop back tomorrow for the Monday Project!! There will be a prize!!


Dianna said...

Thanks for the Sheetload of Cards tip...I don't scrapbook {gasp} but cards I do...and mini books...and papercrafts...and....

Your card looks great chick...we're to a (slow) great start!

Lester R.N. said...

I will stop by tomorrow for the challange even though I really don't even know what you are talking about!!! How are you done with your scrap budget when we leave in 20 days for Potosi??? I don't have money either though!!!! Job well done on not eating burger king. Hope to call ya this week on call was very busy!!! Good luck at your new job!!!