Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Crafternoons!!!!

This is going to be long...

Yesterday we had our first ever "Castellano Christmas Crafternoon" I decided to take on the trees from Ali Edwards site with a twist, we used felt cut into small squares and created "mosaic trees" and since there are 4 of us we each made one....I also used a styrofoam block for a base so all four trees could be together and covered it also. Now let me say, it was very hard for me to not try to take over when Landon chose camoflauge felt for his tree and Britain wanted a Star Wars tree, I have this problem of wanting things to match and look the way I want them to...but I was a good mom...and I just let go...and I love everyone's trees and they might be a little messy, but I just love the way they turned out...and we had so much fun!!! here's some photos:

and the final product

From Left to right, Rob, me, Britain and Landon some of the felt sparkles but you can't tell in the picture....Landon ended up adding red and green with the camo, Dad's tree is totally camo LOL

then we finished our "itty bitty buckets" for the boys are some more pictures

First I made these bookmarks using jumbo paperclips from walmart, I cut a bird out of felt, well, 2 actually, and using felt glue secured the paper clip in between. Then I stitched yellow emboidery floss around the edges. Next I cut 2 little wings out of white felt and glued them on, added google eyes on each side and presto. To make the card I used a scrap of Bazzil Bling in Silver cut a slit and put the bookmark on it. I used thickers to spell "read". This entire project took about 15 minutes or so. Next I made chapstick holders, again using a scrap of pattered paper, scored and folded, chapstick held in place by glue dots, and tied in place with a ribbon.

I also added the calendars we made a few days ago, see the earlier post. To top it off I added hershey kisses to a cellophane bag and printed out a "Happy Holidays" card stapled to the top.

The finished product looks like this....

The buckets were 94 cents at walmart and I printed out a card with a vintage santa picture and a cute Christmas quote, inked the edges and xyroned it for a label....easy peasy...!!

ok and I did a few layouts

first the 30 minute thursday layout from Lain's, the challenge was to use all one product line. I used My Mind's eye.

and Creative Prompt #11 from Christi

I did another one that I submitted to Simple Scrapbooks Call, so keep your fingers crossed for me...

I got some Christmas presents made to, I didn't take pictures of all of them a minialbum for my father in law, a wall hanging for my mil and this for my nephew

This is the allison frame by Creative Imaginations Bare Elements and all I did was use the kit that comes separately, and with the leftovers was able to make the minialbum and the wall hanging. I still have left overs too, so those are pretty great kits!!

That's it for projects...
Rob took Britain for some Dad time to go see Beowolf so Landon and I are watching "The Santa Clause" right now...the first one
so how about a Holiday Movie Review!!
Landon gives it 2 candy canes out of 5...he says "it doesn't really make sense"
I think he's kind of mad right now because his Dad and brother aren't here...:-)
I give it 4 candy canes for humor, sentiment and of course a wonderfully sappy Christmasy ending!!!
you can watch a scene from the movie here
and here are some pics of the family from our nice weekend together hanging out and watching movies...
Even though they're getting older, I never get tired of watching them sleep.
Have a great night !


Scribbit said...

You were busy--love those trees!

One of my best friends' maiden name is Castellanos. (if I spelled that right)

Lucy Filet said...

Such cute ideas and a wonderful tradition to start!

I liked the Christmas gifts for the teachers. Those are too cute!

Christi said...

I had to LOL about the trees...that is about what my family would do esp. the camo tree, but I think that it is great that you got the whole family to jump in and play...what a great thing to have (and now you can scrapbook it!)

You have been seriously creative! Look at all those fantastic projects!!! Loving everything that you are doing...I esp. like the teacher's gifts!!! And great interpretation of the CP!

Anonymous said...

wow you have been busy. You know when my nephew came to say and we did some crafting, I found it hard not to help him out and force my ideas upon him. But I did it. I learnt an important lesson that day. So now I make suggestions but at the end of the day the child has to love it not me. So go you for letting your boys do thier own thing. I love the gifts you created for the teachers, how lucky are they!! Great layouts and good luck with the submission.

Anonymous said...

Hey those were really cute projects what a great mom you are!!! I am upset because you know how to sew and I do not!!! Well you have a lot of fans and readers way to go!!! Call ya sometime later I am at work and illegally on the internet!!

Theresa said...

Love those trees, especially putting them together on that block - fab idea.
Thanks for the teacher gift ideas!! And, your version of Christi's Prompt (I found you via Christ, BTW).