Sunday, December 30, 2007

reading frenzy...

I haven't gotten any thing done the past few days because I've been reading like crazy...

I read this

I enjoyed it, but I don't really know "but" what? I like Nicholas Sparks, because his books are well, "nice". Maybe that's what the problem is, everything is just too "nice" you know? But if you'd like to read it free and you can't get a copy at the library, hop on over to, (see link to right). I so love that site, I know I keep saying that, but it's just so cool to get books in the mail, wrapped up like little presents that I didn't have to pay just makes me go all gooey inside... and likewise the fact that my discarded paperbacks find happy little homes where they will be read again....ahhhhh

I also read this

and loved it loved it loved it....If you do want to read this, though I suggest starting with "You Slay Me" and "Fire Me Up" . This is book 3 in the Aisling Grey, Guardian Series, and Katie Macallister does not disappoint. I love it when a book takes me to a completely different world, unaware of what's going on around me like these books do.

You can jump in the middle and still understand what's going on, but you get the whole picture if you start at the begginning.

Which leads me to this the 4th book in the series....which I am almost done with. I'm kind of sad because I hate to see the series end, but Katie is continuing the "Dragon" stories with a new book coming in May, so I don't think we've really seen the last of Aisling.
and in a move very unlike me....I am going to send up a little prayer that the Colts beat the Titans, so that the Browns can go to the playoffs this year (they haven't been since 1994). Even though I'm not that big of a football fan, I am a hometown girl at heart
If you haven't signed up yet, Lain over at Scraphappy is hosting a "GET A LOAD OF THIS CHALLENGE" over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It's a "LayOut A Day" challenge for the month of January. It's FREE!! It promises to be a lot of fun. It's FREE. There are prizes everyday and a grand prize at the end of the month. It's FREE...did I mention it's FREE??? Plus for every person that signs up, for FREE, she is donating 1$ to "Books for Kids". Just follow the link above to her blog to the link to BPS. Which sounds more complicated than it is.
One last thing, if your looking to print pictures Winkflash has a 6 cent print special going on, unlimited amount of prints. I've used them before and was very happy with the prints, and the delivery. Use this code: SAVE6PRNT
That's all my fearless friends...If I don't get on tomorrow, (I'm working) Have a Happy New Year and I'll see you in 2008. Which only be 2 days from now...:-)


Sandra Evertson said...

Happy New Year!
Sandra Evertson

Maria said...

I've heard of those Katie MacAlister books before and I think I will get one from the library. You convinced me when you said, "I loved it, loved it, loved it!".