Tuesday, December 4, 2007

a few bits and pieces

Before I leave this morning for my date with Craig Morgan...ok the date isn't really just me and Craig, more like Craig and 125 USO volunteers (we're filling boxes to send to the troops), but hey a girl can have her little fantasies, right? Yes, my husband knows I have a date with another man...LOL...he's the one that volunteered me...I love that man...If you don't know who Craig Morgan is click here... I so love that song...I really appreciate artists who take the time to volunteer their time to support our troops, and you seem to see that in country music more than most other types of music.

Anyway...I'm trying out some photo printing services...I've always tended to be a print as I go kind of scrapper, but at about 30cents a print it gets expensive and really it's just not practical. I find that by the time I print the pictures I can't really remember the story behind them, or at least not in the detail I would like anyway. I'm trying to get better organized and start printing the photos and "filing" them in an album with journaling, then going back to "scrap" them later as I have time, if that makes any sense. Plus, I've been doing so many challenges lately, it helps to have the pictures all ready there. (I Remember When sells a really great system for the filing/jounaling part of this called "Everyday Stories" if you're interested. There's my shameless plug for the day..:-) ) The subject of photo printing has also come up on our forums there, so I wanted to try my own little experiment.

So here's where I'm at, I placed 2 orders on Sunday, one with Clark Color and one with Winkflash. I will let you know how long it took to get the pictures, shipping quality, picture quality etc. In the meantime here are some codes...

Clark Color 9cent prints maximum 100 9CENTPRINTS, Plus if your a new customer you get 30 free prints

Winkflash always has 99cent shipping and has 50 free prints with your first order
WF95WF27 (regular prints vary ,but I have it on good authority that they frequently have prints for as low as 3cents, but they email you a code, so I'm guessing you already have to be a cutomer)

Both sites have free photo storage as long as you place orders as often as their specified amount of time...

I really have to go now, have to finish getting the kiddos ready for school...I hope to be back later with pics

I am almost done with the Book "Plain Truth" by Jodi Piccoult, so I can join the discussion at Lain's....yay!

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Theresa said...

I haven't used either of those print services, but I do love Shutterfly, although I think maybe more expensive. I just kind of stick with the things I find work for me, but I must admit I've been doing "one at a times" at home a lot lately. I also used Walmart this weekend. ordered on-line, picked up (and paid) in store the next day, pleasantly surprised - these were wallets with borders to go in Christmas cards. I would definitely use that service again.