Thursday, December 27, 2007

Coffee Anyone?

It is the aroma that lets me know it's time to start the day...

but even in the afternoon if I'm somewhere and catch a whiff of it brewing

I swear my eyes open a little wider, my heart starts beating faster

and my mouth starts to water

Anywhere you go in the world, it's what makes it feel like home

It is rushing around in the morning getting ready for work, and the kids ready for school

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon curled up with a good book

Those moments you keep for yourself before waking everyone up

Sitting outside on a cold day with your hands wrapped around a steaming mug

It's always been there like an old friend

Whether I'm chatting with friends at Starbuck's

Sitting up in bed watching the morning news with my husband

Or sharing someone's grief

It is simply, my obsession

This layout was inspired by Christi's Creative Prompt #18

The photos in the mosaic at the top and in the layout are from flickr...

I love flickr just browsing through people's photos, sounds kind of stalkerish I know but there are some very talented photographer's that post their work there.

Hope everyone is doing well...

Thanks for stopping by!


Lester R.N. said...

Hey I think I want to start drinking coffee after that to do about it!!! I will tell Susan Congrats!!! She is so giddy! We so need to get together to plan!! I got approved for vacation the whole week before the retreat!!! I am so excited!!! Hope you had a good x-mas! Call me!!!

Christi said...

Wow, Amy! Just WOW!!! I Love this layout!!! ...and I totally share your obsession with coffee!! :D super-cool layout!!! smiles...

Maria said...

Mmmm. I just love coffee, too. I'm sitting here at the computer with it now. I told my husband how much I love the peppermint mochas at starbucks and he looked up the recipe, tried to buy all the ingredients (on Christmas Eve), but he couldn't find peppermint syrup so he bought creme de mint. It was SUPER yummy! Hey, I should blog about that! Anyway, I have some thoughts about true coffee lovers, see if I'm right about you. I always say true coffee lovers don't put sugar in their coffee. Is that you? Also, we can drink coffee at night and it won't keep us awake. Do you agree? Just curious.

Carolyn said...

Love the smell of coffee, but rarely drink it. I'm a diet pepsi drinker. But after reading this post and seeing that layout, I could become a coffee addict. LOL

Love the Layout!

Happy New Year!

dianna said...

Love the layout, and yes, I'll have a cup :)

The Crafty Chik said...

OMG! We're soul caffeine sisters! LOL! I love coffee too! LOL! My daughter even said (just last night no less) "I smell coffee, I think Mom, I think Mom I think coffee"! LOL! There are worse things to jog her to think of me there better?! I didn't think so!! LOL!