Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm a groupie...

Supplies used: Basic Grey Pattern Paper, Bazzill cardstock
Unity Stamp Company Stamps: August KOM, Princess Branch

A Christi groupie...
Since she moved up here it's gotten worse
I first "online" met Christi a little over a year ago when I first started blogging. (We both started one of Rhonna Farrer's 21 day challenges.) She was my first regular visitor and blog buddy. I even gave her a title "PBH" (Personal Blog Helper) because I was always asking her an endless amount of questions and she has always been incredibly gracious and patient. (You can read more about that here.)

Anyhoo...She is an incredibly sweet person who has taught me so much in the short time that I've known her. We've been getting together about every other week or so to "get stampy". So without further ado I would like to show you just a few of the things she has taught me with the help of my model.

1. When it comes to adhesive this bad boy is the way to go. The ATG 714 by scotch- available here for approximately $42. This sucker holds 36 YARDS OF ADHESIVE...and here's another thing the refills are 2.99. You want the ATG Gold 1/4 inch. Can you even imagine the money you'll save on adhesive alone?? Think of all the stamps you could buy! This is NOT to be confused with the Glue Glider which is slightly more expensive and the refills are about 3 times as much with about half the adhesive. Plus the tape is about an inch thick.

2. STOP BEING A CARDSTOCK SNOB!! Right now! There is nothing wrong, (especially when you're making cards) with buying cardstock in bulk or at office max or walmart...WTH have I been paying 69 cents a sheet and cutting it down? The world will never I've demonstrated several times, I can be a little s l o w...

3. This is a biggie...Buy Small...Pattern Paper...if you're like me and you have a $87,435 worth of paper in your scrap bin then you've been cutting bits and pieces out of 12 x 12 squares that at best probably cost you 99 cents a piece...or you horde such paper without ever using it because you simply can't bear to cut into it. Buy 8x8, 6x6, 4x6 and you get way more bang for your buck.

4. You can never, ever, ever, ever, ever have too many stamps. There will always be a stamp you need, want or have to have. Give it up, you'll will never "catch up"

No teenagers were harmed during the posting of this blog.

Thanks Christi!!!

I have another card to share...

Supplies used: Pattern Paper: Pink Paislee Stamps: Unity Stamp Company Oct KOM, Flirty Flowers

That's it! Thanks for stopping by!


1. Stampy time today

2. Meeting Christi's Mom (she is so cool)

3. Still a couple more days before I have to go back to work

4. My model

5. coffee


Kelly said...

I was cracking up at your "model"! He was too cute.

Those are great tips, I buy white cardstock in bulk but never thought about the colored. Buying the smaller pieces makes sense too.

Kellan said...

That was too fun and funny - what a cute model!!!

Great tips - see you - Kellan

Christi Snow said...

ROFLMAO!! Girl, you are too funny and your model is awesome!!! I am LOVING your list!!!

And OMG...that card is gorgeous!!! Love the touch of music paper with the sentiment...PERFECT! smiles...

Jana said...

Your model is such a good sport. Loved it.
Again, your cards are great.

Wendy said...

YOU are super cute and a genius to boot!! I'm reading your lessons and lightbulbs are popping all over my head!!! THANK YOU! and THANK YOU Christi!!! (your sidekick is adorable too! what a great demonstrator he is!)

Kylie w Warszawie said...

That was adorable!

I don't make that many cards, but my friend gave me a 6x6 pack of patterned paper for my birthday and the tiny patterns are adorable! Because I don't use much patterned paper on my scrapbook pages, the 6x6 (or probably 8x8 would be better) work for me.

Angela said...

great cards, and tell your model he did a brilliant job!

JenMarie said...

OMGosh, love that first card!!!
GREAT pics! LOL!
CUTE owl card!

Rita said...

Your model is just fantastic. Move over Vanna White -- we have found your replacement!!!

I am so glad you have been spending time with Christi and the two of you are having so much fun. She is one of my very favorite people! :)

Your tips are quite helpful -- I have been thinking about that large adhesive gun forEVER now and you may have just convinced me I just need to break down and buy it. I do go through lots of adhesive!

Kitty said...

Ha! That boy of yours is a natural! x

Zoe said...

ohhhh i love that adhesive thingy! it looks like a weapon! very commanding!

Angel Gurl said...

Gotta love a helpful assistant, I think he is missing his calling in life as a model come actor lol. Thanks for sharing those tips, I did laugh out loud at the cardstock snob tip. I love that adhesive gun thingy, thats impressive.

chelemom said...

You are tooo funny! Your model...what a cutie! And a good sport!!!