Friday, October 24, 2008


Bear with me for the cheesey choice in music's a bit of a tribute

I've been gone a couple days because of work and then yesterday....GUESS WHAT??


Do you recognize them there hotties on either side of me???

Yeppers! That's Kelly on the left and Dianna on the right...It was one of those last minute things where everything came together at just the right time kind of moments...Dianna was coming up to spend a girls weekend with Kelly and a few other friends in Chicago to go see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK...(no I'm not kidding--Hence the musical tribute)...But she flew in to St Louis because Kelly lives in Quincy...ANYWAY...I get this email from Kelly late on Wed night asking if I want to meet them in St Louis somewhere for lunch before they head back up to Quincy....UM YEAH!!! (after some scrambling to figure out if Rob could pick up the boys from school, he did..God love that man)

We met up at St Louis Mills (a mall on their way back out of town that happens to have an Archiver's) and ate lunch and shopped.

Yes, they're gorgeous...both of's a little overwheming being in their presence I gotta tell you....and seriously you could put both of them together and it probably still wouldn't add up to a whole me....(thinking Cornelia Brown from Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos here) and I really really want Dianna's bag...They are just as fun in real life as they are in blogland!! I should add that I wore 3 inch heeled boots that's why we all look the same height...It was a whirlwind and over way too fast..but it was so cool to get to meet them! I'm so glad I was able to..I hope you girls have a great weekend and I can't wait to see the pics when you come back!!!

I'm working on Christmas gifts...homemade all the way this year...(except for the boys of course...can't wait to share their lists with you) I made this

I'm really happy with how this turned out.

Supplies Used:

Pattern Paper Making Memories

Stamps: Unity Stamp Company

Frame Walmart

I also just had to show you this litte journal I picked up on the 2$ table at Barnes and Noble

It just makes me laugh everytime I open it up!!

One more thing...I have a reputation around the house as being a bit of cranky screaming banshee when I come home from work at 7pm after 12 hours on my feet and nothing has been done...I don't know what they are talking about... BUT...Wed night I came home and this is the first thing I see

sometimes I might be a little bit spoiled...

That's it..sorry so long and thanks for stopping by!!
1. see above
2. I am Number ONE on Veronica's waiting list...
3. Loving the cooler weather with sunshine
4. Lunch with Rob today
5.Getting to meet Dianna and Kelly


Kellan said...

Love the little list checked off and signed "us" - too cute!

I knew I recognized Kelly! So cool that you all got to meet!!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Kylie w Warszawie said...

I love that checklist! So sweet!

And I am totally jealous that you met Dianna! Does she really pee on your shoes when she meets you? I just need to know so that I don't wear my kick ass boots.

Kitty said...

That little chalk board message is the loveliest thing - you are one lucky lady.

Glad you had a good time meeting fellow bloggers. I've met people I originally encountered on a forum, but no bloggers as yet.


Christi Snow said...

You are all three gorgeous!! is so awesome that you got to meet up with fun!!!

I love that framed piece...beautiful!

The chalkboard note is simply priceless!!!

I've missed you this week!

Angela said...

oh how sweet - missed you ticked - tell them tat was fantastic! You are looking great, and that framed picture is lovely.

Carolyn said...

How sweet that you were able to meet up with some blogging friends. Those are always special moments.

Also, those are cute projects you have done. But that message on the chalkboard is priceless. I would call it a kleenex moment.

RobinDiane said...

Lucky girl..that is so cool you got to meet Dianna and Kelly. You three are beautiful. Love the chalk have a great family.

Judy said...

Love the chalkboard and the checklist actually checked off!

Kelly said...

Girl, you are way too flattering!!! You are absolutely adorable and I'm so happy we got to meet. I felt like such a dork because I was afraid I was being too shy. I definitely would love to meet up again. I'm beyond exhausted from the weekend. You will hear way more than you want on Dianna and I's blogs I'm sure. (thanks for that musical tribute by the way). We almost called you during Please Don't Go Girl but it was late and we didn't want to disturb ya. I'm off to bed because I think I got a combined total of 8 hours sleep the whole weekend!!! Talk to you soon!!!

chelemom said...

Awwww, what a cute family!!! That was sweet!

Dianna said...

Holy Cow Lady~you've been one crafty chick...all kinds of awesomeness going on over here. I could NEVER keep up with you*!* BEAUTIFUL stuff*!*
I was SOOO excited we got to meet~it was like we had been friends for years wasn't it? YOU are hilarious...and BEAUTIFUL...and the most adorable person I've ever met. I hope we can do it again sometime...just don't tell me when you and Kel get together...I'll be insanely jealous.

URAWESOME*!* I just flove you man:)