Thursday, November 8, 2007

I never know what to put up here...

I feel like quite the scrappy diva today hang on a sec while I flip my hair...
I had a great day off creating 3 of these little guys right here, mini accordian albums for my mom, my mil, and my fil (mil and fil don't live with each other)...I thought they turned out pretty cute... and they went really fast once I did the first one. I got the pattern for the album from Laura Silverman, but I don't think I can link to her.

After that I decided to do the 30 minute Thursday Challenge from over at Scraphappy
I have never tried to do an exercise like this before, but I've got to tell ya it was so fun! It really made me think on my feet...the journaling says
"you have the most expressive face, Landon. All anyone has to do to know what you're thinking is just look at those big brown eyes. How much fun we had watching your face while you road the rides, and then afterwards we couldn't help but laugh when you said "Dad, could you ask God to stop the world?"
This is Bazzill cardstock, doodle bug pp ,paper frills and letter stickers....
sorry I wasn't here last night, we played scrabble and watched the movie "Deck the Halls" which was so funny. It still freaks me out to see Matthew Broderick all grown up.
and so begins my first..... drumroll please...
"Holiday Movie Review" segment.....
Movie Name: Deck the Halls
Who's in it: Matthew Broderick, Danny DeVito, and Charlotte from Sex in the City
Story: DD's family moves in next door to MB's family. DD has a dream for his house to be seen from space which disrupts MB's clean, nice quiet life. There's lots of funny scenes for everyone. And no holiday movie would be complete without the tear in your eye, warm fuzzy, happily ever after scene at the end
Out of Five Candy Canes here is how we rated the movie
Britain age 12: 4 candy canes "It was funny, but not enough plot"
Landon age 9: 5 candy canes "It was funny, then sad but it was really good"
Amy (mom) age 33: 4 candy canes "It was cute and I was able to bliss out for the duration"
Rob (dad) age 43: Dad had a phone call 20 minutes into the movie that lasted until about the last 15 minutes of it. He said if he got to see it all it probably would have been a 4 candy caner.
ok and now here is my AOD...that would be (ailment of the day) does this foyer resemble a closet? I don't think so...but somehow everyone's shoes end up here (even mine) and we don't even use the front door except maybe when a certain someone gets up at 4am to let certain dogs out, and said certain someone trips over about 75000 shoes, said certain someone should not be held responsible for the stream of profanities that leave said persons mouth...


Janine said...

love the mini albums what a great idea. love your rating system of candy canes too. Lol at all those shoes, we have our at the other end of our house, phew at us not tripping on them though. LOve that shot because that is real life in your house and worth scrapping.

Christi Snow said...

whoohoo! look at you getting all creative! fun, pretty projects!

I have to lol about the entry hall...I am constantly fighting that battle too!