Saturday, November 24, 2007

what will I do?

With all this cool stuff?

I worked a long day today and was in need of some retail therapy after work....I promised you a picture of something...and while I haven't actually done anything with it yet, I'm waiting for inspiration to strike...On Wednesday I hit my LSS the Scrapbook Factory because I needed to get the new lace cardstock by KI Memories, I only got two pieces, I was very proud of myself... and tonight after work I went to Joann Fabrics because I wanted to get some cheap fabric to practice with my new very cheap sewing machine...I haven't been in a fabric store since I was in home ec class in high school...this may be one of my new favorite places to go for inspiration...I'll call it fabric therapy....

so tonight I'm going to sketch out some plans for layouts or projects...tomorrow, somewhere in between grocery shopping (by far my least favorite chore) and getting Christmas cards signed and addressed, I hope to teach myself to sew, get some layouts done, play with felt, and finish up some of the Christmas gifts I'm working on....oh and read some of Plain Truth by Jodi which is already shaping up to be another book that I'm going to love although it's already getting under my much for my nice little comfortable life of reading cheesy romance novels...

Right now, I'm going to sit back with my new laptop and catch up on what everyone's been up to on their blogs...thanks for stopping by!

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Happay said...

yeah, I had a little retail therapy recently myself and am still trying to figure out what to do with it. In fact, that lace kept me awake for part of the night so I got up and tried to play with it. No luck yet!