Sunday, January 6, 2008

Art is in the perspective...

and here it is...Day 5 of Lain's LOAD Challenge at BPS...!! I'm enjoying this so much!

I've joined another challenge as well hosted by Dianna at A Place For's a "Deck of Me" challenge 1 card a week for 1 year..don't have my first card done yet, I should be able to show it to you tomorrow...anyone can join so if you're interested go check her out...

If anyone knows of a place that you can pick up the scalloped punches for a deal please let me know...I've got to get me some of those...

So Britain brought home a Mosaic tile piece he did in art class

He brought it to me and said " Here mom, I made this for you"

of course I stopped to look at it and said "Thank you" and right away displayed it in my scrap space...

Britain "Mom, it's upside down"
Me " um, oh. well " turning it over
Britain "still upside down, Mom, can't you see the face?"
Me " sorry honey, of course I can, I mean I think"
Britain "It goes this way"
see can you see the face? Britain started laughing at me and said "it's ok, Mom"at which time he admitted that he just wanted to see if he could "get" me while he continued laughing so hard he got the hiccups. I think something went over my head. That happens a lot around here.

Even though she is a furry little ball of evil, wreaking havoc on my shoes , you have to admit she's pretty cute....

Today I'm grateful for

Having the willpower to not eat even a bite of the Burger King I picked up for the boys today

Getting to spend time with my soccer mom friends this am who I haven't seen in a while

One of my friends Tonia, arranging for a group of us
to get to take a self defense class together next Sat am

My hubby cleaning up the house while I've been scrapping!!

Britain hanging out with me watching tv while I've been scrapping and Landon helping his Dad

and this

they always look so sweet when they're sleeping...
see you tomorrow...


Christi Snow said...

LOL! I love that story...I think that you can see that he is definitely your son...same sense of humor. Very cute!

...and Yay for you on the BK! That's awesome!!! BTW, the grilled chicken sandwich without the mayo isn't too bad there...I am thinking 9 points which seems like a lot out of 19 points, but is great to mix in on those days where you have eaten a lot of veggies and just need something truly filling.

Great layout!! smiles...

Christi Snow said...

scalloped has them on sale:

free shipping for the next week with $35 purchase and this code: JANFSE835

Maria said...

My husband is cleaning up my house while I'm blogging. He said I should be gratefull for that!

And how can you not eat a bite of Burger King? Mmm. I love it! Now that's willpower.