Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's 2008!!!!

Two hours into the New Year and here I am... Rob and the boys are watching a boy movie, and I couldn't wait to get my first layout done and uploaded to the LOAD Challenge hosted by BPS and Lain at Scraphappy...!!

Here's a picture

I took some pictures of the four of us holding up our written down New Years Resoutions, and decided to start the Challenge with a page about them. Maybe, just maybe this will inspire me to stay with it for more than a week. Last year I began wanting to lose 15 pounds, I even got an elliptical machine for Christmas, but then I sprained my ankle and decided I'd rather use it to hang laundry on while I ate chocolate chip cookies .... this year it's more like 20....must have been all that napping and pie...

Rob challenged me to lose the ok well 17 pounds...I'm going to say how much I weigh...maybe that will help me be more goes


I want to be 120

I also want to be healthier and for all of us to eat better so I'm going for a whole lifestyle change

could one of you remind me of this in about 3 or 4 days when I'm grumpy and going through sugar withdrawl?

Anyway....ok Rob's challenge...he said if I made it to my goal by the end of May he would give me money...since I like to spend it so much this is a pretty good motivator for I have high hopes

so I joined Weight Watchers Online today which you can do right now for free for 7 days at this link

and found out that I get a pathetic 19 points a day....I still need to watch the video and figure it all out. If anyone else who visits me here is trying to lose weight also, leave me a comment so we can link to and support each other...I'll need support when chocolate is taunting me with it's happy little brown chocolateyness

Of course I needed something cute to keep track of my points and keep handy in my purse so I used Lain's idea to make this

she has very good instructions, with witty "Lain" commentary on her blog.

I have cleaned up my scrap area and I'm ready for the New Year!!

Well that's all I've got, I'm getting sleepy...see you well, probably later today...


Christi Snow said...

good luck, Amy!!! WW is great...a good website for points for restaraunts is

Dianna said...

I myself used WW~and I have ZERO will power~no kidding. My only tip-eat ALL of your points every day...
you lose more.
Good luck to you Lady!

Denise said...

Hi Amy!

Well, I resolved not to worry about my weight this year. All my resolutions involve scrapping, journaling, and photography (much more fun & easy to keep up with)!

See you over at BPS...

--Denise in Michigan

Maria said...

Ummm, 137? Now I'm really depressed! I thought 5 pounds would be good for me, now I think it should be a MUCH bigger number. I can't even say what I weigh! Oh well. I shouldn't compare, right? Happy New Year Amy! Hope to see more of you in the New Year!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I saw your post on BP Load board-very glad I did!
Good luck with WW- I lost 30lbs last year and am hoping for 10 more this year. Since you enjoy chocolate- you must try their 1pt rasberry chocolate bars-they are my dessert every night. I have only found them at the meeting sites. Happy New Year!