Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our time...

When I sit down at my laptop in the afternoons after work and school to check email and do some blog reading, the boys tend to follow me and take up residence at my scrap table to do their homework. I enjoy it so much, it's sort of our time to decompress from the day together...

Notice that Landon is in the background, I didn't kick him to the curb, I asked him to come sit at the table with us at which time he told me "I'm too lazy to go get a chair...get one for me Mom" to which I replied "I'm too lazy to get you a chair too, guess you're out of luck." Needless to say, he did his homework on the couch.

Landon has been full of one liners lately....some of my favorites being

"It really sucks living in the "House of Diet" Mom"

These happen to be the 100 Calorie Pringle Packs..

or the other morning on the way to school when he pulled out a little girls phone number from his coat pocket (no I'm not kidding and he's 9...n.i.n.e.) and informed me and his brother "I got some digits!!"

and I can't forget my personal favorite on Sunday night when our friends were here I was doing the usual shuffle everyone upstairs to get their showers, when one of our friends accidentally caught Landon darting across the hallway to his room, naked, and of course this embarassed him to no end at which time he yelled to Rob (who went upstairs to help get everything under control) "Could you PUULEAZE TELL YOUR WIFE that I don't appreciate being told to take a shower when we have company!!! Seriously Dad!!! Everyone does not need to see my nuts!!"

I couldn't stop laughing long enough to be seriously mad about the smart mouth...I mean he obviously comes by it honestly, so I know I'm just talking to a brick wall anyways, and the entertainment value of these moments is just priceless....

Now can anyone tell me where else to find these...??

I thought I'd try this adhesive out, (I didn't even know Fiskars made adhesive) and you all know what an adhesive whore I am....I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! If you haven't tried it you have to it is so easy to use, but I can't find anymore of it locally which I'd like to and I can't figure out if it's refillable. I keep trying to snap it open, but I'm afraid I'll break it if I try to hard and it's not supposed to....any ideas?

Lain posted a contest at Simple Scrapbooks for Universal Letter Writing Week. They have a contest going on where you do a layout featuring a letter, or letters. I did one with letters from Rob to me while he was deployed to Turkey, (he left when Britain was 2 weeks old). We have been very lucky in this military life we live and I can't imagine not having taken this journey.

I scanned the letters onto cardstock and then wrote my own to Rob. This will also serve as my layout for the LOAD today.

I haven't gotten a lot done lately. This weekend I'm going on a crop retreat here. I am so excited, but I haven't even begun to pack and I get myself all worked up over what to bring. Leslie is going with me, this is our 3rd year!! I'm hoping I'll still be able to blog from there because they do have wifi.

Tomorrow, Leslie and I and another friend from work are going shopping here to get some scrappy goodness for our trip!! Can't was it for that either...

I did not weigh myself today, because the truth is, my diet went to h.e.double hockeysticks this week with all the banquets, meetings and other eating out crap I had to do. Like I should be expected to not eat the chips and salsa, and queso, and fresh tortillas from Chevy' sorry can't do it...I don't think I did that bad but I don't want to discourage myself and with the retreat this weekend, well...think I'll take a "do over" and start fresh next week.

Today I'm totally rocking the gratefullness for
1. spaghetti night!
2. off work tomorrow scrap shopping adventure
3. kids that like to hang out with their mom
4. a good day at work
5.Rob for folding the laundry

oh and "27 Dresses" I loved it!! It was totally a chick flick, but it's the best romantic comedy I've seen in a long time. The boys loved "Cloverfield" and I am ever so happy that Rob has his little "mini me's" to watch these movies with so I no longer have to be subjected to them.

Take Care everyone and have a great night!


Kellan said...

I loved the quotes from your son! I loved this, "I got some digits!!"
too funny!! What a funny kid! Have a great trip and fun shopping - you have lots of fun stuff planned - WOW! Take care and thanks for dropping by. See you soon. Kellan

Kylie in Warsaw said...

I'm pretty sure this is what you're looking for. Or you can buy it on their website - I'm the queen of web shopping (particularly for scrapbook stuff) since where I live there are no stores that sell scrappy goodness:). I hope the link works.

And I'm betting that they're not refillable, since they look just like those 3M tape runners which are also not refillable:(. Haven't tried the Fiskars ones yet, but my favorite right now is the Xyron tape runner. Happy Scrapping!

mayorofcrazytown said...

Ok, first I so miss the boys! By the way, Jessica has a boyfriend at N.I.N.E. You know just the kind that calls and she goes goo goo. Second, I so wish I was coming with you to the retreat and shopping. And third, ship me some chips and salsa!

Christi Snow said... the quotes! your letter lo is beautiful! smiles...

Kelly said...

Hi!! I found your blog through Dianna's. LOVED your sons quotes. Those are the things I love to look back on and laugh. Thanks for link to the scrapbook store in St Louis. We live about 2 hours away and shop there all the time but the only scrapbook store I knew of there was Archivers. I'll have to try this one out next time I'm there and I KNOW Dianna will want to also next time she visits!! Have a great time shopping!!