Monday, January 28, 2008

Countdown to VDay Project !!NUMBER 4!!

"Spread All the Love You Can with the World's Smallest Valentines!!!"
For those of you that are new I am hosting Lain's Monday projects while she is busy with the LOAD challenge over at BPS. For those of you that aren't, Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll participate! This is actually my last week hosting for Lain, however I would like to continue to post weekly projects/challenges (but they will probably all be different, ie layouts, altered art, minibooks, etc) here with a prize, because well, it's just so much dang fun...I will be changing the day though, (probably Fridays) so I hope you'll keep coming back. OK wow...back to the show!

"Spread All the Love You Can with the World's Smallest Valentines"
or (The 14 days of Valentine's Day Daily Valentine Love Fest!)

What you need to make 14 of the cutest little cardlets ever:
Paper trimmer
2 pieces of cardstock 12x12
1 piece of pattern paper 12x12
Another piece of cardstock 12x12
The top 3 should coordinate...or not depending on your mood
Valentine Stamps (I used Doodlebug Clear Stamps)
scallop punch (I used my Marvy Giga)
square punch ( I used my Creative Memories 1 1/2)
Heat Embosser thingie
Black Embossing Powder
Now I wanted to try heat embossing (this is a lot of work and by no means something you must do, remember the key to these projects is low stress so if you want to- just stamp them, or you can just use stickers or whatever you want to do)
Let's Go:
1. I like to do things in steps to make them easier so first trim and punch all your paper.
A. Cut 14 3x3 squares out of your 2 pieces of Cardstock of same color
B. Scallop punch 14 perfectly cute scallopy squares out of your pattern paper
C. Punch 14 more squares out of you coordinating cardstock, (this is where your
going to be stamping)
All that punching probably made your hands hurt, so you should go have a cup of coffee...

2. Next, your are going to nest ( I like that word better than layer) your scalloped square on top of your 3x3 cardstock square and then your 1 1/2 punched square on top of that of course use adhesive....repeat 13 more times
like so...
3. Using Versamark stamp your image on the top square, sprinkle with black embossing powder and heat with heat embosser...

and repeat 13 more times again...and that's it!
oh but wait, THERE's MORE...since I was working on Valentine's I decided to make Lanon's class Valentine's this year using basically all the same this week you get a

Bonus Project!!
Bodacious Bookmarks...this used basically the same principals except there are only 2 layers, measurements are 2x6 and 1 1/2x 5, and poke a hole and tie a ribbon. These are also fine to use as your entry if you choose....

My goal with this project is to slip Rob and the Boys a little Valentine every day in their lunch box, or home ework, or in the Xbox..LOL.. with a little message written on the back everyday from February 1-14...I thought on some days I'd tape a little treat to the back too. Doesn't it sound so cute!! You know what to do, create some love to spread around in any way inspired by this project and then link your project in the comments here and I will draw a name on Sunday...

This weeks winner was....MELISSA!! send me your address by email for some scappy love!!Sorry I don't have pics of the drawing this week, I did it at midnight last night...and well... I forgot to take them...LOL...
I have been keeping up with LOAD, although I haven't been keeping up with posting them lets see




This is the front and back of my card for the "Deck of Me" challenge being hosted my my bloggie friend Dianna, challenge for this week was to describe yourself in 3 words, no titles (ie mom, wife etc) you can see I needed a little help...

Today I'm grateful for

1. Having the day off

2. Still in my PJ's at 10:30 am

3. Dinner is in the crockpot already!!

4. The long hot bath I am about to take...ahhhhh

5. a fun new project I'm going to try...more on that later!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a super great day!!


Melissa said...

Yaya!! I can't believe I won!!

I love this week's Valentines project!! That looks so fun!! :) And a bonus... YAYA!

Love your Deck of Me Week 4!! So cute!!

chelemom said...

Congrats to Melissa! LOve your projects!

Maria said...

Those are so cute. Does your hubby and kids know how lucky they are?

Kellan said...

Those are adorable VDay projects - such cute tiny Valentines!

Glad you had the day off - have a good Tuesday - see you soon. Kellan

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow! You seem very ambitious. I love your Valentine's. I'll be dropping by again for some crafty/scrappy inspiration!

Kylie in Warsaw said...

That's such a cute project! And your LOs are very cute too!

Angela said...

very cute cards and bookmarks. Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

BTW, I left you something at my blog.

Melissa said...

I got the stuff for my VD #4 Project today... and I'm so excited!! :)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

You are WAY too organized!
Your weekend looks like so much fun! I've done a couple of retreats........I think I really need to do another one soon.

Lisa said...

I love this week's project, made the mini valentine's for my family and the bookmarks for my fellow bunco babes, we have our monthly game on the 12th. I feel like I cheated this week, because I basically copied everything you did! See my projects at:

ElizabethK. said...

Here's mine:
Thanks so much for this challenge!

Angela said...

hello Amy, just letting you know that my daughter and I have had a go at your project. A photo is posted on my blog (