Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday is FUN Project Day!!!

"Your Last Chance to Redeem Yourself Because Valentine's Day is Less Than A Week Away Movie Quote Mini Album"
I am very late because this ended up taking me longer that I thought it would...
Here's what you need:
2 pieces of solid cardstock (I used WorldWinn) 12x12
1 piece of 8 1/2 by 11 to print your quotes out
Several pieces of pattern paper (I used Autumn Leaves/Thrift Store)
deco edged scissors (I used Fiskars)
paper trimmer ( I used Fiskars)
adhesive (I used my Tombow tape runner)
glitter (extra fine, irridescent)
heart shape cutter (I used Fiskars)
jump ring
hole punch ( I used my crop a dile)
scraps of ribbon
scotch craft stick (glue for sugaring)

Let's go:
1. Cut out 10 hearts from your cardstock, and 10 hearts from your pattern paper using your shape cutter or other template. Mine measure approx 3 inches across at their widest point.

2. Using your deco edged scissors (various edges or the same whatever you want to do) cut around the outside edge of your pattern paper heart just enough for it to "nest" on your cardstock.
3. Using adhesive nest your pattern paper heart to your cardstock hearts...x10

4. Using your glue stick cover your hearts with glue, sprinkle extra fine irridescent glitter over the top, and tap off the excess

while you're waiting for your super cute hearts to dry eat the best gyro ever because all this hard work has made you very hungry...

ok I didn't eat this whole thing about 1/2 and I was full but it was really good...

still waiting....while your doing so search out some of your favorite movie quotes on google and print them out on the 81/2 by 11 cardstock. One of Rob and I's favorite things to do is watch movies together, so I made this album for him. I used quotes from Braveheart, The Last of the Mohicans, Napoleon Dynamite, Meet Joe Black, Legends of The Fall etc.

5. Now that they are dry, (I hope), Cut out and glue your movie quotes to your hearts. I ended up having to use Scotch quick dry because nothing wants to stick to the glitter

Line them up, punch a hole and thread your jump ring through. Add a little bit o ribbon and you're done!!
The rules:
create a project inspired by this one in some stress, just make something already, and link me up in the comments here for a random drawing next Friday night where the winner will be announced to recieve some scrapjoy from me and a new project will be up.
I had some other stuff to share but my kids need me to be a Mom right now, so I'm off...will do my usual blog hopping in the am...
Thanks for stopping by!


Nicole said...

Amy, I am loving this project and I love how you took pictures during the process. As far as Florida goes, we are moving to the Fort Myers/Naples area.

Anonymous said...

Love this! I will really try to take your challenge this week! :)
Kelly (fiskateer 3476)

Lucy Filet said...

This is a very cute project, Amy! Is that the new shapecutter by Fiskars? That's too cute! I have the old one, which I never use but the boys and I are making Valentine's for their classes this week, so I'm pulling it out!

Angela Toucan said...

looks like a great project, and your finished article is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

RobinDiane said...

What an awesome project. There is so much i want to do and very little time. I want to make one. Thanks for sharing!

Kellan said...

Really cute project for Valentine's day!!

Have a good weekend Amy - see you soon. Kellan

Maria said...

Those hearts really super cute, and that gyro looks super delicious! I made my list of 10 things I never get tired of doing. So how far do you live from Cincinnatti? My hubby's going there tomorrow and I was thinking of going with him, but I decided it would be too difficult to get someone to take care of the kids.

Christi said...

This project is gorgeous! I love it!!! smiles...

Carolyn said...

super cute project ... love those hearts.

Zoe said...

i think i may have to do this for my son and fill it with all his fav goofy movie quotes...better watch superbad a few more times!